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I enjoy reading books like this. I hope to read more, and I wish you the best with whatever you’re doing to publish your novel. Don’t give up hope! I am also funding for my novel, "In Warm Blood," right now, and I wish to get it published too one day.  

To All,

I am very sorry to announce that after some soul searching, I have decided to suspend funding on the project. I do not have the following needed to undertake something like this. I thought my support system would be bigger, but alas it is not.

That is not to say that I don’t appreciate the support system I have, so most assuredly do and I love you all. But apparently after all the efforts I’ve been taking, things are just not happening.

I will be taking Lady Timekeeper another route and hopefully that will work out better.  I’m going to keep working on editing and cover stuff for it and hopefully go through DAW publishing (if they accept) once they start taking on submissions again. If that doesn’t work, then LuLu is next.  I’ll keep you all updated.

For now. my sister Kortnee is going to help me build my following, so maybe the next pass will be more successful.

Thank you all for the advice and support and I hope you will stick with me wherever this goes. I love you.


Dear All,

Thank you to all that have gotten a pre-order of Cities in the Dust. I appreciate it! 

I still need more help. If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, please consider doing so. I need all the help I can get. And as soon as I can afford to do so, I will return the favor if you have a book you’re funding (or when you start)

Also, for those of you out there that have had books published here on Inkshares, I would appreciate any advice on how to get the pre-orders I need.  


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Been a long time, but so much has been going on in both mine and MK’s lives - but I’m gonna be working on the Third Draft of our story starting July 1st, and hopefully get some notes in, at least for the first half of the second book - which we don’t have a name for yet (MK will be naming the second book)

I lost my job a while back, but things are starting to get caught up, so hopefully really soon, I’ll be able to start getting pre-sales one by one on everyone’s books - but it’s gonna be a slow road. 

And again, if anyone is interested in being a beta reader for the third draft, let me know.

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Second draft is officially finished! We’re still looking for one or two more beta readers, in particular anyone who happens to have some knowledge of astro physics or theoretical physics.  I will definitely have no problem doing a trade - I’ll beta read yours if you beta read ours. :)  - Marie 
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WOOOHOOO!  We finally finished the first draft!  We’re going to be going over it and editing and rewriting over the next couple of weeks, hopefully it won’t take very long before the second draft is ready and we can send it off to the beta readers.  I think maybe around that time, we can put it up for pre-orders, but we’ll have to discuss that.

We also have a very talented gentleman working on the cover for us, and I secured an editor - she edited my last book, Dragon’s Wing, and she ’s very good.

Things are moving along!
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Marie here -

Hey guys,

I finished two chapters in the manuscript, so we’re inching closer to actually finish this first draft. MK has one more, and I have two more to do until we’re done - then comes our own critiques and the second draft.

We could use your help with recommendations, critiques and reviews for what we have put up so far.  It would help us with our revisions, plus everyone who contributes, we intend not only to return the favor, but I can start buying preorder once every couple of weeks.

Time to get back to the grind, have a great weekend!
Things are starting to stabilize around here, so updates will be more frequent.

We’ve been getting a lot of requests to buy pre-orders of your books, and while I, for one, would love to do that, I can’t really.  I hope this doesn’t sound mean or anything.

I can order one every couple of weeks, but right now, MK and I need help too.  We haven’t started the pre-order process yet, but once we get finished with this draft, then have made headway on the second, we’re going to need more push in the way of recommendations, reviews and critiques, 

So for now, I plan on getting pre-orders for everyone who has helped us so far, but like I said, I can get one every couple of weeks.  If MK is inclined, maybe she can get a second.  We can also return the favor in regards to reviews, critiques and what not.  I will be starting not this coming week, but next with doing pre-orders.  

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The last couple of weeks have been complete crap, I haven’t gotten anything done.  And now we’ve got a heatwave over here.  Blah.  Hope everyone is well, and Happy Fathers Day to all you dads!

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This has been such a bad week - started a new job I’m not sure I’m good at, and not sure how long I’m gonna last, then out of the blue on Wednesday, I got punched in the body with a sudden, violent flu and haven’t been able to do a damn thing since then.  Hopefully, MK will be able to at least start on the About portion, and with any luck, I’ll feel better enough tomorrow to actually do some writing and not have to go take a four hour nap after being on the computer for 10 minutes.  Hope all of you have a nice weekend.