Aurora Opera: Crew List

Aurora Opera: Crew List

  • Pilot- Alvina Frost
  • Navigator/Scientist- Elias Vibol
  • Medic/Weapons Specialist- Baako
  • Mechanical Engineer- Josseline "Josie" Marija
  • Loadmaster/Robotics engineer- Duško

Starship Class: Freight-C

Normally a starship classed Freight C would muster a complimentary crew of twenty. The Aurora, through the use of automation, robots, and cross-training operates at peak efficiency with a crew of five. To date, they have never missed scheduled delivery, and have been known to assist in rescue, and tow missions when necessary.

Biography: Alvina

Roughly 26 yrs old, human, dark curly hair, suffers from heterochromia iridum (one brown/amber, one hazel-green). Pilots, and owns the Aurora Opera. She has a fraternal twin brother, and no other family, known to be bisexual. Charismatic, natural leader, fair strategist, emotional, “noble but stupid”, often seat of the pants instead of full planning. She has tattoos along her back, right shoulder, and arm; rumor says they cover up scars.

Biography: Elias

A male member of the X’ylz species, humanoid looking aliens (upright, two arms, two legs, front facing eyes), known for being learners, and adept travellers of the Universe. Elias is a young adult in his species, he’s shown a mastery of navigation, as well as having a scientifically inclined mind, making him indispensable for any adventure trips the crew might take. He’s normally a deep cobalt blue, with small lateral ridge bumps along the back of his head from nape to crown. He sometimes has spots of bright colors (fuchsia, teal, etc.) when he gets overly emotional, or excited about something.

Biography: Baako

Androgynous member of a species known to humans as the Rayne, as the name for their own species in unpronounceable by humans. Baako is a proficient Medic, and Weapons Specialist, and the crew is used to them presenting as female, male, or neither, but usually humanoid. They’ve got sarcasm down, and are usually the first to tell Alvina she’s being stupid, if noble. No one is really sure of Baako’s age, and no one bothers to ask, it’s not their business. Their appearance shifts depending how they present, and their hue also has a spectrum along which it shifts, usually appearing some form of purple.

Biography: Josseline

A female member of the Aureline species, they are known for Cervidae (doe) like features in their female members, and male members have some familiar features of Caviidae (guinea pigs)--as well as copious amounts of freckles across their faces. They are often engineers, mechanics or general tinkerers in the world, and group oriented; as well as being known for having a set cycle for reproduction depending on their overall population. Younger members tend to prefer moving around upright (and thus appear humanoid), while older members prefer to move around on all fours. Josie is the youngest on the crew, and in fact is actually younger than most of her species wanders out on their own.

Biography: Duško

Roughly 28 years old, human, Serbian. Duško was once a ballet dancer, until he broke his ankle at age 14 and picked up a robotics book. Unable to go back to dancing, Duško focused on his studies, and managed to graduate with a robotics degree by the time he was 21. He’s known to give his robots names, and each has its own nameplate; he programmed them each, and is almost dangerously good at being able to rewrite robot programs if given access to them.The only other member of the crew to have tattoos, he and Alvina might share a few.

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