Reader Writer
A fun, quick read. I love what we've seen so far of the characters.
Stephen Carignan
In just one short chapter, the author has given us a strong sense of the world and the characters within it. Peppering in updated expressions the reader is no doubt familiar with, blends the narrative voice with that of the characters so that the reader is drawn into the world while empathizing with the protagonist. There is also a healthy amount of mystery to keep the pages turning. I look forward to more.
Elayna Mae Darcy
In the mere minutes it took to devour the first two chapters, this author's already got me hooked. With delightful, descriptive writing and a compelling pair of protagonists, I'm so ready to run off into space with these characters!
James Rasile
This is something worth checking out! Very interesting premise and the first chapter is a great read! Check out Jump the Gun!
A lot of promise with this one. It gives a nod to the past traditions of Sci-Fi, but also looks forward in joining the trend to push it forward.
Ren Falke
A space adventure with a diverse cast of characters, concise writing for a quick read, what more could you ask for?
Martin L. Serrano
The writing is suspenseful and the dialogue is witty. The end of each chapter leaves you wanting more. Make sure to check this out!
Ricardo Henriquez
great premise. Great first chapter.
M. Robert Randolph
Right off the bat, the reader is placed in isolation, so far from Earth. A lonely ship in space, floating idle, the possibilities from this point are literally limitless. Then when a strange object is detected, the mood shifts to a sense of mystery. What is it? Where did it come from? And how will it affect the intimate relationship between two female space explorers? Mysterious, sexy, and stimulating: Jump the Gun has it all.
RH Webster
After reading the first chapter I am hooked! I really want to see Jump the Gun succeed. Definitely check it out!