Hey everyone, my name is Scott and I am the author of JT Stevensen and the Agents of Vermillion.

I am a lover of Fantasy/Sci-Fi books and 80’s movies such as The Goonies, The Monster Squad, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter (book and film) and Northern Lights (The Golden Compass, more so the book then the film) just to name a few. The list goes on for how many books I have consumed and movies I’ve watched.

I am also a gamer since the days of Atari. All this has influenced me in my hobbies as I make sculptures on my free time based off the games I’ve played or books I’ve read.

This lead me to the realization; Why couldn’t I sculpt words as I do with clay?

Ideas started to form in my head and I started to envision a world, not unlike our own. Imagine, a slab of the Goonies slowly marinated in the world of Harry Potter. All seasoned with the spice of mystery and a dash of wonder. And so JT Stevensen was born; a middle-grade children’s fantasy book.

I want to take the next step as I refine my story; to share this novel with the everyone. To do this I will need your help. If you like what you read below, then I implore you to purchase a pre-order. For you, a friend, a son or daughter. Even if you can’t, follow the book and let me know what you think of this world of JT Stevensen.

Magic. Jerimiah has always has been told such a thing don’t exist in the real world and to leave that for his video games. He knew he should listen and accept that as truth. However, on his 8th birthday something dreadful happens that changes everything.

Four years later, destiny reunites Jeremiah to where it all began, the house of his grandfather Victorio. Now nightmares that used to plague his dreams return to haunt him once again; two cloaked figures arguing with his grandfather in their backyard and attacking him in ways he could only explain as magical.

Suddenly, strange and unexplainable things begin to happen at the house. Things that will make Jerimiah question everything he knew about his family and the world itself.