Methuen-born Richard Saunders recently penned his first novel SecretAgentMan, a complex fiction hidden inside Journey, A Short Story. The hardcover is on sale at Barnes & Noble, Andover Bookstore and many other locations. MethuenLife Magazine conducted a question-and-answer interview with the mysterious Saunders.
Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing
It’s an ambitious postmodern mix of science fiction, fantasy, historical thriller and thinly disguised real-life method-written drama.
Portsmouth Review
“In what I believe to be a brilliant stroke of promotional genius, Saunders has sealed his “evidence” in three carefully prepared plastic containers, each the size of a footlocker.
Dave Barrett - Author of It's All Fun and Games
Journey is a great read. The story takes place within another story, and I'm curious to see how future volumes weave the outer plot back into things. The references to our-world-that-isn't are sometimes clever, sometimes downright hysterical. My only real complaint is that the story is too short. I want to learn more about both SecretAgentMan and the space travelers who discover his biography. Bring on the next one!
Jennifer Webb
The concepts and messages interwoven into this book sounds fun!
John Robin
A book that might have influenced Dan Brown? Check out Richard Saunders' original work -- watch his trailer video!
Tristen P.
Joseph Asphahani
Like Jerry McGuire famously said, You had me at 'reincarnation of Albert Einstein.' SOLD!
David M. Olsen
One of my favorite books in this Genre.
Digital Journal
Mykl Walsh and Richard Saunders have hidden a Vigenere cipher somewhere within the pages of their book, Journey, A Short Story - Volume I (including the SecretAgentMan sections) Read more: