No longer are we afraid of living. Our short lives, dictated by Suits and higher powers, are the best things we have. This screwed-up, post-apocalyptic Orwellian dystopia is our most pleasant plane of life. This is as free as it gets.

We fight to live. Not because we fear death, or dying. We fight because we have seen the other side. We know what awaits us, and we sure as hell are going to put it off for as long as we can. For in life we are free; in death we are slaves. --Silver Jenkins

Cover by the incredible Landon Trine*

Invictus is the lovechild of an idea held in my head my whole university life, and years upon years of running RPGs for my amazing players. I am now putting pen to paper (well, flesh to keys) in an effort to share this idea with whomever it happens upon.

I must confess to having something of an ulterior motive as well. I am bi (well, pan really), and trans, and an activist and member of the LGBT+ scene. And long story short is that I am frustrated with the lack of diversity out there. Thus Invictus is, and shall forever be, a fully inclusive dystopia.

Characters are a huge drive for me, and I am keen to write not just for the bi, the ace, the trans, the enbies; but to give due credit, write sensitively and - with all hope - write well.


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*source for image