Dear friends and readers, I will be discussing Inside the Bubble at Printers' Inc. in Palo Alto this coming Tuesday at 7pm.  Please spread the word, and I look forward to meet  interested audience this week. I would like to thank those of you who attended the book launching event at the OFJCC last month, the 85 people attended made the event very special. 

Dear Friends and readers, 

Below is a link to an article that was posted yesterday on  J-weekly following the publication of  Inside The Bubble. 


I look forward to the book discussion Sunday 8/23 and hope to see you there (if you are local).


Dear friends and readers, I am happy to invite you to a book talk at the Palo alto JCC on August 23rd @ 5pm.  There is another book talk scheduled for late September in Palo Alto Printers Inc for those who can't make it to the August meeting. I am looking forward to an interesting discussion in a panel with authors Maya Arad and Daniel Jacobs on Living inside the ( Israeli) bubble, writing inside the bubble, living in the global village and more. 

Looking forward to seeing you, Please RSVP to noga@nivnet if you are planning to attend

Dear friends and readers,

Inside the Bubble was released two weeks ago. The shipment of your pre-ordered books and e-books is now completed. Many thanks for the Inkshares team for their hard work and many thanks to you, my dear backers of this project for making it come alive.

If for some reason you did not receive your copy/copies of Inside the Bubble, please get back to me asap and let me know so I can correct this problem.   

I am pleased to share that I am getting very nice comments from readers so far. A few of these comments are posted on Amazon and Goodreads.  I am particularly surprised and happy to learn that the novel resonates with experience of (women) immigrants to the Silicon Valley from different parts of the world like China, Korea, Russia, and Europe. I am glad to hear that my American readers find the book fascinating and see it as a window to understanding aspects of the Israeli community in the Bay Area. Several of the reviewers related to the novel as Modern time Mary McCarthy who depicts a certain time and place in history by telling a story about a group of women.

I hear remarks such as: “the book kept me awake all night”, ”I was really hooked into the story”,” I loved your characters”, “you are a gifted writer I think you should write a sequel” and more. Such comments truly warm my heart. I appreciate them tremendously. However, for marketing purposes, it would be much more helpful if my readers could post their complements on Amazon and Goodreads. Below is a link to Amazon and Goodreads and I would highly appreciate if you could take a few moments to post your review.



Thank you!!!

And last, if you reside in the Bay Area, please mark your calendar for the book launching event on August 23 @ 5pm.  I will send flyers and electronic reminder closer to the event.

Have a great summer,


Dear friends and readers, my book publication is progressing well… “Inside the Bubble” was released last week and I am excited to share that over six hundred copies were pre-ordered and are being shipped these days to all of you. Thank you for supporting this publication and for making it happened. I would like to express again my sincere thanks to you, my supporters from across the globe.

I hope that the release of the book is just a beginning of its journey and I am curious to see how the novel will be received in the larger circle of readers. For that I would like to ask for your help (again). I find myself at owe with the endless power of the internet connections and with the new age marketing paradigm.  In today’s age, it is very rare that people go to bookstores to purchase books just like I used to do until very recently. Rather, we buy our books thru Amazon (and on Inkshares in this case). We hear about good books from friends, we search for reviews on the internet, or we sometimes read reviews on websites. And here is my request: you are my very first circle of readers for this novel and your review and comments matter greatly. It can help create the buzz needed for success. If you do not have time to read due to your busy schedule, please forward the novel to your loved ones, your friends or relatives. But I really hope you will find the time to read and recommend to your loved ones.

Then, when you are done reading (and hopefully enjoyed it), please take a few moments to write your review on one or more of the following sites: Amazon, Goodreads, Inkshares and off course Facebook. You need to be a member to post your review on Amazon and Goodreads, but that is free and easy to do. If you enjoyed the book, please share with your friends. Many thanks in advance.

I hope you will enjoy reading the book and I certainly look forward to hearing from you. You may contact me directly at noga@nivnet.com

For those of you who reside in the Silicon Valley, you are invited on August 25th 5PM to the book launching event at the Oshman JCC in Palo Alto in collaboration with the department of Arts and Culture. Please mark your calendar and a follow-up invitation will be emailed closer to the event.




�B��7��`ank you for the support. Things have been progressing well...

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Hi Noga, Congratulations! that was quick. I still have people i want to send the chapter to. Can it still be sent? Ilana

Dear all, I am glad to tell you that my book campaign ended this morning. The goal was met thanks to you and 106 other people who backed this campaign. That means the book will be published and available to the larger audience soon, probably towards 2015. This week is the beginning of the Jewish new year. I wish you all Shana Tova ( happy new year), a peaceful year, full of happiness and health.  

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