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Wow. It’s been a while. I just thought I let you folks know that this idea has now congealed into a short story that I’m about to enter. If you’d like to read it, please drop me electronic mail at lhommedev at yahoo dot com.
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Imagination is its own form of courage.
-- F. Underwood
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My take on a non-fantasy version of this story... haven't quite figured out the entire storyline, but this particular scene had been replaying in my mind constantly.

"...at imagine nation, we work to bring your fantasies to life," repeated the sensual female voice from above, through the PA system. Below, a volatile situation was threatening to escalate.

"Sorry sir, but we cannot give you any more details other than the official released statement," she said.

John looked at the lady behind the counter in exasperation.  All he wanted was a straight answer, but since he walked through the main entrance, all he got was misdirection, distractions and the usual PR bullshit that most multinationals spewed out against troublesome customers.

"Listen lady," he started, this time using his arms to vocalize his unhappiness.  "I just want you to answer my question, it's very simple, why is my son in a coma from using your device?!"

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave now..." she said uneasily, noting the stares of the people within earshot.

"Look, I'll go when I've gotten my bloody answer!"

John had not picked up the subtle hand movement of the young woman, and was therefore surprised when he was wrapped up by two pairs of muscular hands.

"Please sir," the lady implored, "."

"C'mon buddy," one of the security guards said, "don't make this hard."

"Let's go!" the other said in quick succession as he began applying force.

There was little John could do against the two guards, who were likely to be ex-SAS personnel judging from the ink patterns they shared.  He buckled down to add more resistance, at the same time, continuing to voice his protest, drawing the attention of passersby.

He was unceremoniously dumped onto the ground outside moments later.  John watched as the burly men stood guard on either side of the main entrance, effectively forcing him to turn to other avenues to get his answers.

"Sir, are you alright?" a friendly voice from behind interrupted his angry stare.

He turned to look, finding a very pleasant-looking man smiling back.

"Thanks mate," John accepted the offered arm and pulled himself up.

"Not your day, is it?" the passerby queried.

John was about to unload upon this friendly man, but quickly decided against it. One, he wouldn't understand, and two, even if he did, what could he do? No, John decided there and then that he will need to find a good lawyer if he was going to get to the bottom of his predicament. Right now, at this very moment, all he could think of was his boy, Jake, who was lying unconscious at Princess Margaret's.

"Perhaps you need a lawyer?"

John arched an eyebrow in confusion. For a moment there, it was as though this stranger had read his mind. He disregarded the notion almost instantaneously, attributing the coincidence to pure and logical deduction.

"Yeah nah..." the father uttered, not wanting to explain any more than necessary. "I'll be right mate, cheers."

"If you read in between the lines," the stranger started again, offering a business card. "You may discover that sometimes, there is no such thing as coincidence."

John was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the stranger, and instinctively reached out to accept the item, in hope that it would lead to an abrupt conclusion to their peculiar conversation.

"Good day, mate."

John replied hurriedly, "You too mate."

They parted in opposite directions.  John waited until there was enough distance between them before angling towards a rubbish bin.  He was about to flick the card in when he noticed a scribble on the front side, in between the address.

I know about Jake-o, I can help. Meet me at the old Clough building park, 12 noon tomorrow.
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A horror book, now that's an idea! It could be fun to explore this angle. Already, I'm getting a warm fuzzy tinge at the back of my mind on the various story lines I can come up with. Yes, this could be fun.
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This is a truly frightening idea.