Hello everyone! I will be distributing copies of HOW TO REMEMBER soon. I expect them to be ready sometime in December. I’ve been asked if they will be ready for Christmas, and I don’t know, but I’m going to do my best.

Here is the Google Form to sign up for copies. Please fill this out if you want one (or more). It will give me an idea of how many to produce. I will also collect your e-mail address so I can add it to my newsletter list. 

Thanks again for all of your support.


Hi, backers!

I’m not going to lie - I’ve been in a rut with this book over the past several months. I’ve completed several other projects since then, and I haven’t felt the same connection to it that I have in the past. I spoke with my editors at Inkshares, and we’re taking another approach to the new draft. It feels weird to revisit my old words, but I’m looking at them with a fresh eye, which is good.

I’ve updated my Inkshares page with the first four new chapters, if you’d like to take a look here. Please feel free to send me your thoughts! I’d love to get this thing in fully polished shape for you to read in its entirety soon.

Thanks for your support over these past two years.


Hello, everyone! I know, I know... it’s been almost two years since we funded HOW TO REMEMBER. It’s all good! The book is still on its way. I turned in my third draft and am looking forward to my next round of feedback. I’m convinced it will be ten times better than the last.

In the meantime, lots of stuff has happened! I completed another novel and entered it in Pitch Wars, which is a mentorship competition (find more info at PitchWars.org). While the odds of being matched with a mentor are slim, getting the book together and submitting it has been a great experience. I also edited a full-length novel and a short story anthology through the indie co-op Writing Bloc. The Deception anthology is out today on Kindle - you can find it here.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? My participation will depend on whether I’m picked for Pitch Wars. If I’m able, I’ll be working on yet another manuscript, hoping to add another 50,000 words to the draft. I’ve never completed NaNo in November, but I’ve written a book in a month... a few times ;-)

Bouchercon, the annual celebration of crime fiction, is happening now, and I have major FOMO. But I’m planning to attend the Public Library Association conference in Nashville in 2020, so there will be some shenanigans there! For those who are attending BCon - I miss you, and have fun!!

Thanks, readers!! Happy Halloween!

Hello, everyone! It’s beyond time for an update!

First, book news, since I know you’re all curious. HOW TO REMEMBER has now been through two complete rewrites, and we’re on to the third. The team at Inkshares is truly pushing me to make this book something special, as we work to focus on the novel’s emotional core. While I’m just as eager as you are to hold the completed work in my hands, I know that it’s so important to get it right - so hang tight and be patient with me while we work this. It’s going to be amazing.

To tide you over, though, I’ve got a special announcement. I’m part of the team at Writing Bloc, which is bringing you the Escape! anthology in 2019. It’s available for pre-order now, and there will be a price jump once it comes out, so don’t wait! There is some major talent in this book, and you won’t be disappointed.

On this day after Thanksgiving, I truly appreciate you all and the impact you have made on my life by supporting this book. I want to give you all the reading experience you truly deserve, and I promise you I won’t let you down. Happiest of holidays to all!

Hello, readers! It’s Labor Day, so it’s time for another update. First up, the info you’ve all been waiting for: I’m working steadily on the new manuscript for HOW TO REMEMBER. I expect to have the first new draft turned in by October 1.

It’s fall - that magical time of year, filled with chillier temps and pumpkin spice, at least here in Northeast Ohio. For the last two years, I’ve written and self-pubbed a short story about the season, just because I love it so much. This year, I don’t have time, since I’m working on the rewrite, but if you’d like to check out my previous titles, here’s the link on Amazon. A few are also on Biblioboard and OverDrive if your library has a subscription. I always donate any profits I make. Last year I gave money to hurricane relief - I’m not sure what the cause will be this year, but I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Be on the lookout for more news about the anthology I’m working on, too. In the meantime, enjoy that fall weather, when and if it shows up!!

Hello, readers! Must be a tradition... my last update was at Memorial Day, and this one’s at the Fourth of July. I guess the next time you’ll hear from me will be at Labor Day. :-)

Big news - the book is now in the developmental editing phase. If you’re unfamiliar with the stages of editing, this is the phase where we take a close look at the story and find ways to strengthen it by changing key pieces. With the help of my Inkshares editor, I’ve taken HOW TO REMEMBER down to the studs. My awesome writers’ group helped me find a few lingering issues, and I submitted my revised outline today. We are one step closer to getting a great book into your hands.

I’ve also begun blogging with a bunch of great friends and Inkshares writers over at Writing Bloc. Follow us on Twitter at @Writing_Bloc for lots of great content! We’re currently working on a short story anthology, and I’m the lead on editing.

Last but not least, I’m nearing the midpoint of the draft for THE ENIGMA VARIATIONS, my latest project. All in all, the writing world is busy and good for me right now!

Let me know what you are all up to, readers - I’d love to hear from you! Happy week!

Hello, readers! I hope you are having a fine Memorial Day weekend. We tried to have a yard sale, but it got rained out, and then no one came (I really do need to work on my sales skills). Instead I’ll settle for writing and attempting to get through my massive TBR pile.

Lots going on in Dubiel-land. I can’t share much yet, but there are a few cool things in development. Let’s just say you’ll be able to read something I’ve written by the end of the year! I’m also nearly halfway done with the draft of my new novel, THE ENIGMA VARIATIONS. Not sure if I should crowdfund it or pursue traditional publishing. What say you, readers?

While you wait for news, visit me at www.caridubiel.com or in person at a few events coming up!

June 9, 2018 - I’ll be moderating the indie publishing panel at Killer Heat, at the South Euclid branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library.

June 23-24, 2018 - Hang out with me at the American Library Association conference. I’ll be roaming the exhibit floor. (Sadly, I will be gone before Michelle gets there.)

June 27, 2018 - I’m on a panel with my Sister in Crime Annie Hogsett and Ylleya Fields at the Shaker Heights Public Library.

Happy reading and writing!!

Hello, everyone! Those of you in Northeast Ohio... join me in grumbling about the weather. Still no word on my release date - Inkshares is busy with lots of books. But I have some updates!

I’m working steadily on my new manuscript, THE ENIGMA VARIATIONS, and I’m using it for my project for Camp NaNoWriMo. Look for a MindTech novella this summer, too, as I add to the collection for LOST MEMORIES.

The wonderful Jacqui Castle interviewed me for her blog. Check out her book, THE SECLUSION. It’s coming out in September, and I can’t wait to read it!

I’ll be speaking at the Oberlin Public Library on Wednesday, May 2, about using Scrivener in your writing. If you can’t make it, but want some tips, let me know! I love it, and I’m happy to share.

Finally, I’m blogging more frequently over at Walking Identity Crisis. Are you an expert on a topic that might fit over there? Or are you a writer, and would you like me to interview you? Since I’m a librarian, my readers love to see book reviews. Let me know!

Look for more next month... when I hope it will be warmer!! 

Img 20161217 193106 054 Terence E.H. Vickers · Author · added over 2 years ago
Hello again, Congratulations on getting your book into production. It was it seems like ages ago that i commented on the lack of text messages on her phone after she has been missing for most of a year. What about missed calls? Who has been paying her phone bill? I know that if I don’t send the phone service provider a bribe for three or four months my phone stops working.

Hi everyone! I’m climbing out of the crazy-busyness that has been March. Here in Northeast Ohio, it’s still cold, but the sun has been out, thankfully. I am excited for real spring weather.

I wanted to let you all know that the manuscript is in! I turned it in last weekend after an inspiring retreat with some of my writing friends. I also read the fabulous YOUR BOOK, YOUR BRAND by Dana Kaye. Those of you who are authors must check it out. I’ve got lots of great ideas for publicity now!

But since we don’t have a release date yet - that’ll be the next update! For now, I’m working on my new manuscript, THE ENIGMA VARIATIONS, which follows three people in a small town after they receive a mysterious code in the mail. I’ll also post short stories for LOST MEMORIES as I finish them, but to be honest, I have been very into ENIGMA - I’m at about 20,000 words, and I hope to have a good first draft completed by this summer.

Well, I’m on my lunch break at work, so I had better get moving! Can’t wait to give you all more news :-)