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Title: Horns of Pride

Subtitle: The Father of Sin

By: Ps. Elias Johnny

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"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Ephesians 6:12

Although the chasm between the spiritual warfare desecrating the model creation of God, man, and the physical combat ravishingly dissipating this earth is of great magnitude due to the materialistic and immaterial spheres that host their battlefields, it must be noted that their parallelism in terms of effects, impacts, and after-effects are like shells shot from the same tank. Their fangs bite instigates pain, their venom instills suffering, and when suffering has conceived…….death becomes an uninvited but a welcome visitor!

The effects, impacts, and the after-effects of a physical combat cannot be better exhibited than the raging war in Syria and the consequences of the Hiroshima nuclear bombardment; innumerable civilian casualties robbed of their human dignity and even their humanly burial, destruction of infrastructure laid in rubble heaps as though China’s mining rock-dumps, meltdown of healthcare facilities that hinders the caring hand of World Health Organization from treating the wounded becomes the order of the day, hunger unnecessarily starve the belly of the innocent and deceases bite the victims like the malaria-carrying mosquitoes of Mozambique, and the draining social order becomes like rabies infected dogs randomly attacking…..

Ignorance must not deceive the wise though, for ceasefire or victory in a physical war is not attainable through the state-of-the-art artillery at one’s disposal, powerful stealth fighter jets or bomber Rooivalk Fighter helicopters in the palm of one’s hand, or the most advanced submarine launching a ballistic missile and high technology war ships slicing the waves by the snap of one’s finger. But the most powerful and effective weapon to quell a violent physical battle or humble an aggressive hostile antagonist is the effective usage of the detailed insider information gathered about the enemy forces, generally called War Intelligence Report (WIR).

The contents of this document are carefully verified by highly qualified military personnel to measure its authenticity; this military personnel is highly cautious and surreptitious of this red stamped ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ file primarily because their efforts to use its ‘military treasures’ may be compromised should the document find its way in the hands of blabbermouths. Likewise, the larger than life source who supplied the contents of the valuable file need not only be praised; but honored, recognized, endlessly glorified, and a monument is set in his honor so that his name will be celebrated and immortalized! Was not exactly what king Xerxer did to Mordecai who uncovered a conspiracy to assassinate the reigning king of Persia?

The essentiality of the document is to outthink the hostile forces by gathering insider information to tame their aggression and render them toothless; to measure their army’s infiltration capability or arrogant sneaking, the technology of their weaponry and the scope of their military tactics, their defense systems or their cowardly Boko Haramic abduct-and-demand modus operandi, the moral compass of their leaders and the attitude of their troops, their behavior in normal circumstances and mood when under pressured, their strengths and weaknesses, their oiled propaganda or bluffing techniques and so on. The primary objective of the ‘WIR’ is to triumph against the antagonists in as little time as possible, with the absentia of civil casualties and minimal destruction of infrastructure.

This WIR report is mostly tri-pronged and its sequence cannot be compromised; Defense, Offence, and Rehabilitation. Defense is prioritized because it is a shield that must protect the well-being of the citizens; the invincibility of this report is weighed by its practicability to uphold and maintain moral justice, minimize infrastructure destruction, and maintaining of communication at all levels of the state rests with its abrasiveness. The ‘Offence’ part of the report revolves around the attacking strategy; infiltration tactics, and most importantly the counteracting techniques. And the ‘Rehabilitation’ part of the document will deal with estimated calculations of the after-effects of war and how social order can be restored.

Likewise, when Satan and his cursed battalions shoots their venomous arrows against a spiritually unarmored Christian; the soul of the unprepared victim will be so bloated with misery and the darkness of Sheol will engulf them like the blanket of worms munching the decaying corpse, the anguish of the mind will caress insanity that will fuel the victim to run around naked in public like an invalid, the flesh will rot while still under the skin and will prematurely lose its elasticity and hang loosely like an old wrinkled oversized dress, the bosom friends and family one has trusted will be like a swarm of scouting killer bees, and the grave will be like a bed of roses one desires to befriend! Therefore, a mortal man needs a spiritual WIR that will alert him of the spiritual war being waged, a WIR that will awaken the spiritual ‘Defense, Offense, and Rehabilitation’ mechanisms established by the creator!

This book is a spiritual War Intelligence Report which has succeeded in gathering all information about the origins of sin; a sin that is related to the immorality of darkness. This book is about bringing to the light a cursed friendship of the immoral demons and the disobedient chief cherub. Exposing the battle plans of the spiritual enemies of God against his beloved Christians; exhibiting Satan as the sworn enemy of God and those that love Jesus Christ, so that the Christians can be wary of his modus operandi of old and be encouraged in accessing the spiritual weaponry that has been placed at their disposal to stand firm against his attempts to derail them from an eternal reward prepared for them…..eternal life!

It attempts to render the deceitful Satan naked and his terrorist demons found out; who he is and who are they. What Satan is capable of and unable to, his military tactics against God and his techniques he used to recruit the simple ones of heaven, and of course his continuing aggression against the ones God has created with his image and likeness. This spiritual WIR against the devil and his demons were compiled through accessing the archives of the Bible.

The Holy Spirit inspired Apostle Paul to strengthen the feeble hands of Christians against Satan and demons when he announced the upper-hand the WIR of God has over his enemies. He says the captain of the cursed demons can be outsmarted in 2 Corinthians 2:11, "In order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes" The phrase "We are not aware of his schemes" is a cornerstone of this book in exposing his schemes; giving Christians enough ammunition to outmaneuver the one who claims to be the ‘prince’ of the earth created by the righteous God.

The Bible makes us aware that the creation of the earth was not hidden from all angels as announced in Job 38: 4-7, "Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? While the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?" therefore, Satan prides himself that as an angel, and because his age surpasses even that of the earth gives him an upper hand against a mortal man. Because the sins of a mortal man against God were his trump card he was using to discourage man to follow God, but his pride backfired after the successful assignment of Jesus Christ to reconcile man with God through the cross! Now it is up to believers to maintain that reconciliation with God until the end of age by awakening the spiritual WIR against Satan.

The Bible is the only source that empowers man with vital information as to the personality of the one waging war against the beloved of God. As mentioned in the book "Recovery: Uncovering God’s Strength From Within"; this book lay bare all that must be known about how he was when created, how he forsook the breast of the one who bore him and chose to be spoon-fed by the enemies of God, his defeated battle plans against Almighty God, and more…..And the one already in the pipeline, "The Hollow Vendetta: The Final Punishment", will leak all the secret weapons he uses against the Christians till his final nailing!

Elias Johnny

Pastor & Evangelist