Kelsey Rae Barthel
A grand and interesting story of exploration that combines cybernetic beings reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell with deep space travel. The search for humanity in the vast darkness of the cosmos. Hiding Among the Stars grabs you at every word and doesn't let go. Can't wait to see what this tale has in store for the future.  
Fernando Crôtte
How fun is this! A space-faring future, a superhuman heroine, a dreaded alien evil, conspiracy, danger, with survival of the species in the balance. Sounds epic! I'm in!
Matthew Ellen
The premise of a far flung humanity in hiding is very intriguing.
Stephen Carignan
Vivid and complex, the world within Hiding Among the Stars brings reader in with beautiful cosmic imagery and provides snapshots of the people within that world. Each section provides a piece of the puzzle and relates to one another like the connections for which they search. I love the undercurrent of tension throughout the pieces and look forward to reading more.
I like this premise. It takes an age old question and answers it (maybe) with a twist you didn't see coming.