Hi readers!

Thank you for your continuing interest. I am no longer active on Inkshares, but Writing Bloc is releasing my collection Silly Little Monsters in time for Halloween.

Silly Little Monsters is a whimsical collection of nine tales to chill your spine and tickle your funny bone. These aren’t your typical bedtime stories. From “Alpha” to “Omega”, everybody wants to make sense of their world.

To find a place to belong.

To connect.

What can be scarier than that?

The e-book is available for pre-order on Amazon. Paperbacks will be available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble by Halloween for that fantastic new book smell. The stories span different genres from urban fantasy to realistic fiction. They are intended for young adults and up due to thematic content, and some adult language and situations.

Meanwhile it’s a race between two exciting works in progress, A Better Me and Fallen (formerly Grimalkin), to see which will become my debut novel.

To stay updated on additional release dates, visit http://www.alywelch.com

Aly >;;;^..^

Hello, readers.

Awesome news!

Grimalkin got a nod from the Inkshares syndicate, Break the Bechdel with Strong Female Characters, which means a lot to me because I value avoiding clichés and subverting expectations.  The 2018 Inkshares Horror contest also helped me overcome my latest bout with writer’s block. Now the only obstacle is time.

I had hoped to share Grimalkin up through a major cliffhanger that would hopefully elicit sales from people dying to find out if I really did what it looks like I did. Alas, it won’t be ready in time due to work, illness, and parental duties. It really is a killer cliffhanger, though. ;)

Thanks as always for your support!

PS. I did add Chapter 6.

Hi readers!

Grimalkin now has a trailer. I spent some time visiting some of my favorite haunts that inspired locations in the fictional town of New Roxburg. I compiled most of the footage myself. Unfortunately Cait Blanchett was unavailable for the voice over, but a lesser known actress lent her services (okay, that’s all me, too.)

Fun fact: An earlier incarnation of Grimalkin was primarily set in Sedona, Arizona but I was so taken with Western New York when I moved here that it took my story in a different direction, both literally and figuratively. 

Click on the link to pre-order Grimalkin or to submit a recommendation and share the trailer. Thanks so much for your support!

Hello readers!

I’ve updated Grimalkin’s ’about’ page with more insight into the story and my approach to writing. I will be sharing Chapter 6 with you soon. Kira and Raphael are so cute. It would be a shame if anything happened to them. 

If you have not done so already, please consider pre-ordering Grimalkin so I can have a chance to win a publishing deal in the 2018 Inkshares Horror Contest. If you have already pre-ordered, thank you again for your support. You can continue to help by leaving a recommendation, or sharing the link with family and friends.


Hello readers,

To my surprise and delight, Grimalkin rose to 3rd in its first week as an entrant in the 2018 Inkshares Horror Contest, but it’s down to 4th. I’d love your help in pushing it back into the top 3. To those of you who have already pre-ordered Grimalkin, thanks so much for your support. Also, Chapter 5 is now available to read and delves into the question of what’s scarier: mean girls or bloody squirrels?



After much agonizing, Grimalkin is now live in the 2018 Inkshares Horror Contest. A big thank you to anyone who has already supported my novel in progress (part of a planned trilogy.) I love these characters, including many you haven’t met yet and some you don’t yet know as well as you hopefully will someday, and I’m excited about the story. I hope the feeling’s mutual. If so, please hope me share these characters and their stories with the world. Wow, that’s really sappy. There’s also more death and mayhem in store, too!


As one of my favorite denizens of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld would say, "I aten’t dead." 

I’ve just been busy editing a certain someone’s novel in progress as they finish up the first draft before passing it on to their developmental editor. I also hit a wall with Grimalkin and my anthology. In fact, a week ago I was ready to give up. I went back to basics with a story outline, realized I had a solid plot after all (two in fact) and completed a new chapter after a months long bout of writer’s block. Chapter 2 is now up and available to read on Inkshares, and Chapter 3 is well under way.


I’m still having a hard time focusing on my own writing as the Horror competition heats up. My husband’s book, The Vampire and the Dragon (PrOOF vol. 1) is still in the top three, but third through sixth place have really picked up momentum. If you haven’t already, give his novel a glance. The excerpts are fantastic, as is the complete story. 

Then I plan on getting back to work on Grimalkin. I’ve still been developing the story and characters, but the competition is my focus until the 31st.

Thanks for your continued interest and support!

Grimalkin is still in progress, but not ready for the funding stage. In the meantime, look for Michael Welch’s The Vampire and the Dragon, PrOOF Vol. 1 on Inkshares. It’s currently in second place for the horror contest, but I’d love to see it claw its way into first. Even if I wasn’t his wife and unofficial editor, I’d recommend pre-ordering. The characters are richly developed. The plot is full of great scares and surprising twists. I’m also super excited for future installments of PrOOF, which can only happen if the first secures publishing.

Have a great week, and good luck with your own projects!

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I’ve been working on a plot outline for Grimalkin, but I also posted an unrelated story and an excerpt of another story for an anthology in progress, if anyone wants to check out my other writing while I continue my work on Grimalkin behind the scenes.