you are the dozen readers of GLAM

here’s what i want to do

send each of you a kindle version of Glams vs Red Plaids

it’s a short story that’s woven into this novel

maybe you’ll enjoy reading it

maybe you’ll leave a review on Amazon

maybe you’ll review it here

maybe not

you can do as you please

let me know with a direct message

I figured out ho to spam you all. Don’t go updating your email preferences just yet. You might find this entertaining...

This is the red-headed step child book project.

When I created an account, five days ago—seems much longer—I went right into funding that project and entering the Horror 2017 contest. I didn’t realize that creating a draft and sitting on the sidelines to build a following was an option. 

Rookie mistake, but my big-brother project came out strong after tapping family and friends for a chunk of orders. But now I’ve tapped out my email list.

This is the book I’d intended to focus on. Once I got a whiff of the gold, my huckster instincts kicked in, and hell, Murder Happens is a good story, too.

I’ll put in a link below if you haven’t checked it out. And maybe a special surprise.

Was thinking about what it means to be a huckster and realized as a writer, huckstering starts the moment we put that first word down on an empty page. 

We’re selling something that doesn’t exist except in our imaginations and we need our readers to buy into the con.
The dictionary says the verb huckster is to promote or sell (something, typically a product of questionable value).

See, that’s nice. Because you all get to decide whether or not my stories are of value. That’s a big job and you’ve got to do it. For yourself. For humanity.

Our civilization depends on it. And that makes you a hero.

Okay, hang on, duty calls. BRB. Got to attend to guinea pigs and rabbits. We got a backyard full of rescued creatures...

Okay, so, I definitely want to draw your attention to my other project: Murder Happens. Entice you to follow, maybe even support that story. 

But, and I’m dead serious here, I need to know whether you find these stories have any value, else the con will fail. 

So, get to work heroes. If you’re interested I might be able to give out a few of the Kindle versions of GLAMS vs. RED PLAIDS. It’s the shorty I wrote first which is part of the novel called GLAM.

Drop me a note, let me know. All I ask is if you read it, kindly leave a review on Amazon. That’s what heroes do.