Getting Buried in Vegas is a "zom-rom-com" I started writing in 2008. It’s currently about halfway through the first draft. It stars a very nice engaged couple, Katherine and Tom, who decide to elope to Las Vegas for their wedding. They are joined by Katherine’s narcissistic sister, her even more narcisstic boyfriend, Tom’s epileptic "prepper" brother, and a recovering-meth-addict cake artist. Halfway to Vegas, the zombie apocalypse begins, and by the time the happy couple reaches the chapel, it’s filled with the undead, Katy’s carrying a fire axe, and Tom’s about to lose his mind from terror.

All that, and *somebody* forgot to pick up the tuxes!

I’d like to see if there’s enough interest in carrying forward at this point, and I’m happy to share the rest of the rough draft as soon as I have a few more folks following the project. It’s a fun story with tons of hijinks, wacky characters (many of whom get eaten by zombies), and strange twists that go into some very bizarre territory.

If you’ve ever wondered what, if anything, would change in a casino floor during a zombie outbreak... join me and let’s find out!

(Note: Final cover art will be done by a professional artist and not drunkenly slapped together from clipart.)