Joshua Griffith
This is a fun read, indeed. I can't wait for Stephanie to add more chapters and let her zombie apocalypse spill over and into Tom and Katherine's wedding day. Will they being serving cake or will the happy couple become the the edible arrangements??? Chomping at the bit to see more from  Stephanie's creative mind.
Stephen Carignan
Bryant plays with the tension of the zombie apocalypse against the humor of everyday life and by placing them together is makes both stronger. Getting Buried in Vegas is a welcome addition to a growing genre and promises to be a great read.
Stephanie Bryant
Tom and Kate are having a normal elopement to Vegas with their off-the-wall family/bridal party. From wandering tuxedo salesmen to fistfights at Circus Circus, it's only fun until the zombies start eating your brains. And then it's hilarious.
Joshua Griffith
A great read and a must have for those who enjoy a good story about love, humor and zombies! I highly recommend this one!