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The year is 2112. The last sixty years have been wrought with natural disasters, tumultuous climate change, and political unrest. Among the many systems created to ensure the survival of the country, the United States government has established the Department of Propagation in an effort to combat the infertility epidemic that is plaguing the population. This government agency is responsible for the oversight and monitoring of all activities related to procreation. It is the last defense against the extinction of the human race.

Bette Donovan, deemed “inconclusive” at the age of seventeen, knows she will never be a part of the national fertility agenda. She does her part to maintain a humble life, follow the Mandate, and not waste resources.

After an unfortunate run-in with a Canner, cannibalistic madmen on society’s fringe, Bette suddenly finds herself under the scrutiny of the Department of Propagation, triggering a series of changes that turn her life inside out.

Conditioned to believe that fertility is a woman’s highest and most patriotic calling, Bette can hardly believe that after so many years she might finally be able to participate. Although her fertility indicators are a little mysterious, she soon finds herself inside the walls of the Department’s birthing center. 

But the birthing center holds secrets.

Faced with the very real consequences of what a threatened species will do in order to survive, Bette’s only hope is to escape the birthing center. After a freak power outage, Bette finds herself face to face with someone she could never expect. But, if they are willing to help her, she isn’t all that concerned with their true motives. A way out is a way out.

This futuristic story follows Bette as she threads her way through the dirty little secrets a desperate society, mid-apocalypse, will adopt in the name of self-preservation.