C. Brennecke
A tale of the stars grounded by immediately-likable characters. Part sci-fi, part romance, part thriller, ENHANCED brings the perfect mix of elements together to become the next YA hit. The first two chapters leave the reader hungry for more.
Steve Soldwedel
This is the kind of YA book we need, today. As the authors say, there are too few cases in media that present a positive depiction of children and young adults who do not subscribe to conventional opinion of how they should think, dress, look, and love. Enhanced presents two young protagonists: one, an orphaned girl and the other, a young homosexual man. His sexuality is not sensationalized nor exploited for entertainment purposes, and that is refreshing, as it is refreshing to see a story carried by a young woman heroine.
Stephen Carignan
Enhanced is a strong story which engages the reader from the start. While the story is interesting by itself, one of the strongest points of the work is the efficiency of the writing. Exposition is folded into character development while the story is progressing. This gives us a clear sense of the world and the characters within it. Truly great work.
S.E. Soldwedel
This is a work worthy of support. It offers two protagonists from oft-marginalized groups in a compelling, richly imagined narrative.
Chris Robinson
Check this awesome book out
Byron Gillan
I'm loving this!
Brian Guthrie
A book teens can get into!
Tony Valdez
Well done YA sci-fi! Check it out!
S.T. Ranscht
Adults who love Harry Potter should put ENHANCED on their list. If you have Young Adults in your life, you should put ENHANCED on your list. Action-packed story of belonging and not belonging. With Enhanced aliens.