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Your descriptive language is really engaging. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.  

Hey everyone! As promised, yesterday I uploaded the next part of Elyium. In this chapter you’ll find a deeper look at Inkers and their magic system, as well as new information about the culture and geography where Eli lives. Careful readers will begin to pick up hints regarding what this war is really about, too! This part is more than double the length of Chapter 1, but I hope what you find will give you new understanding of the world I’m trying to build. 

I’m looking forward to all of your edits and feedback--you’ve done a great job at helping me so far! However, there is one part of the chapter in particular that I feel needs help. I am not used to writing a particular kind of scene, and I’m not sure I was able to write clearly and intelligibly. (I’m speaking vaguely here to avoid spoilers for those that are careful about that sort of thing, but I think you’ll know which scene I’m talking about when you get to it). So, long story short--everything needs editing, but I feel that scene in particular could use the most work.

And, lastly, I got my first unsolicited pre-order yesterday! It was amazing to get the email saying I had a new backer, open it, and realize I had *no idea* who the person was. Someone, somewhere, found the little I had of Elysium--without me sending them any extra info or encouraging them to take a look at it--and decided it was worth their money. It was an absolutely amazing feeling. Thank you all for following, for commenting and recommending and reviewing--whether or not I win this contest, this has been the best, most consistent feedback and most awesome writing community I have ever experienced. Thank you, sincerely!


Hey followers,

I had hoped to upload a new chapter today, but unexpectedly, a 9-5 shift turned into a 9-10:30 shift. I won’t have time to get home, finish writing and editing, and upload the chapter. My plan is to finish it and share it tomorrow after my shift.

In the meantime, feel free to take a look at the two chapters I currently have uploaded! I haven’t had many comments or much feedback yet, and I would love to see some of the people following Elysium’s progress contributing to it’s growth!

Thanks for following and I’ll keep you updated! 


Thanks for the support, everyone! It’s been great to be followed by so many people. Yesterday when I first submitted my entry for the G&S Fantasy Contest, I got two pre-orders. Today, four more have been placed! It’s great to feel the momentum building and I don’t want to slow down. I’m working on the next chapter to upload as we speak--keep an eye out for it today or tomorrow!