Shane Lindemoen
I really, really enjoyed this sample. Reads like a mix between Dusk by Tim Lebbon and In the Name of the Wind by Rothfuss. Fantastic premise grounded in realism by a deft voice. I hope this draft gets the attention it deserves. Simply excellent.
Morton Benning
very engaging opening - keen to see where it goes from here.
Julia Perroni
Elysium looks to be shaping up to be an excellent story, with solid writing and an interesting protagonist. Anyone who's interested in my book would surely be interested in Siriano Lambert's work.
Y. E. Katerina
Colourful characters trapped in a war engulfed world of magic. Cannot wait to see where this one goes! I want to read more!
Kyle James Anderson
Above all else, Elysium brilliantly seduces that curiosity that has been with us since we first unchained our imagination: what would it be like to have magical powers?
Y. E. Katerina
With a strong and intriguing magic system, this is a promising project set in a world gripped in war. The real magic that comes from this project is in its strong characters who will reel you into the narrative and leave you feeling a plethora of emotion, from joy to sadness, through the wonderful weaving of words. 
Ryne Drogemuller
I've been wanting to see a story about a mage healer/medic dealing with the consequences of war. This seems to be that story.