Bryn Hagan
This is brilliant. The 'Mars holocaust' has me intrigued, and the options as to where this goes are endless. I haven't read sci-fi in years, but thanks to what I've read so far in Eden M51 I've realised how much I love this genre.
Stephen Carignan
While the story, characters, imagery, and plot of Eden M51 are engaging, I would like to take a moment to mention the technical expertise of this work. With a complex and varied sentence structure, the author confidently takes the reader through the world and characters. Honestly, this review is pointless, because anyone who is reading this has probably preordered.               
Bryn Hagan
I love sci-fi, and this has got me intrigued already.
Billy O’Keefe
Suppose the ultra-powerful being, be it God or something else, that first created us is no longer up there, no longer watching over us, and has in fact turned away to create something new. Now suppose we just happen to stumble upon it.
Rebecca Getzinger
This seems like a book that deserves a bit more attention from those who might like this genre, considering how little time there is left for it.
Benjamin Gray
One of the most realistic, believable space operas I've ever read. If you are a fan of space operas, you know that is a rare quality.