If you enjoy mythology and Homer Iliad, you will enjoy this work.
Dragon Siege
An interesting take on old mythologies and of Homer's Iliad. It explores a female lead that feels a little too humble, but it's not enough to pull you out of the story itself.There is a deep lore here that is benefited by reading Homer's Iliad so as one can imagine, if you've read that work, you would most likely enjoy this work unless you're looking for a book written in that exact style.The character Helen, although only mentioned briefly captivated me the most, I felt a need to get to her story and her plans even though she's only mentioned in a couple sentences.If you're interested in female leads, mythology and Homer's Iliad, give this book a look. While I feel there are some cliches, it's not enough to detract from the overall work.
Stephen Carignan
Three-dimensional and engaging, Dragon Siege is a fully realized world brought to life through fantastic prose. There is a whole set of rules and lore to immerse oneself in, and I can't help but wanting to know more about all the characters I encountered within my short read. I look forward to reading more!
Jaye Milius
One of the most unique takes on dragons that I've ever seen! Plus the stuff of Greek epics? Yes, please!
Robert Batten
A wonderfully refreshing take on the 'dragon' genre. This is one worth watching.
Nell Walton
Yes I recommend my own book!
Matthew Poat
Spoiler alert! It's all about dragons... AWESOME!
A. White
To you dragon fans I hope you come and have a look at this. The cartoon is funny and fun. Clash with the Immortal, author.
Nick Travers
Nick Travers recommends you check out Dragon Seige by Nell Walton,
Theron Couture
For lovers of science fiction, speculative fiction, and fantasy alike, Dragon Siege is something to watch. The idea of a sapient species of cyborg dragons that shape their bodies with science and have technology so advanced that they can hop between parallel universes, is truly original. Dragon Siege has the potential to set a new standard for traditional dragon fantasy and the contemporary genre that mirrors it.