Christopher Lee
Who says the great adventure is dead! Maltby has brought to life the classic story of how adventure grips a man and won't let him go, not until he takes his last breath. Can't wait to find out where Sir Deeds ends up.
Stephen Carignan
Done Deeds is certainly engaging from the start, as the action sequences and tone draw the reader in to the story effortlessly. From reading the premise and comparing it to the sample, I can see how this will be a great addition to the genre. If I had a criticism, it's that there simply isn't enough online!
Ida Nygren
Very neatly written and seems to have an interesting story.
Ida Nygren
The first part of this epic is very well written, though some mistakes where spaces are left out, the text is very pleasant to read. I love the way you describe everything and I truly feel like you get a sort of idea of what the environment looks like. You set a mood in this short text that is chilly and scary, which comes across very well.Although, as a lover of details and rich descriptions, I would love to see some more shades of the spectrum. Some words like ex-wife seems miss placed in a fantasy like this. Perhaps former wife would suit better?All the luck to You! 
D.B. Dyche
Great Read!!
A.C. Weston
Fans of Asteroid Made of Dragons should come check out Done Deeds!
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
I don't even know WHAT to say! THIS is AWESOME!!! I LOVE this type of Fantasy! And, it's written so well, I feel as if I'm right THERE with the main character! Nice work HERE!