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Who or what is Dax Harrison?

The short version: Dax Harrison is a rollicking action-comedy science fiction adventure in space. It’s my love letter to everything from cheesy pulp stories of sci-fi long past to the insanely-budgeted blockbuster films of today. Dax is also the hero of the story. But don’t call him that. He hates it.


Well, this is a damned mess...

Dax was so close to leaving the hero business behind him. He’d done his duty, saved the galaxy a time or two, and made out like a bandit with the movie and merchandise rights.

Now, Alliance HQ is forcing him to be the poster boy for their "10 years of peace" hoopla. If that’s not enough, a disgraced alien general-turned-war-criminal with an unpronounceable name has escaped from an inescapable prison planet, and he’s got Dax in his crosshairs!

Scrambling to avoid the madman’s swath of destruction, Dax finds himself stuck with a crew comprised of an overly enthusiastic fanboy cadet, an aging physician, a suspicious and tough-as-nails lieutenant, and a possibly malfunctioning artificial intelligence. And they are all looking at Dax to save the day... whether he likes it or not.

Sample chapters
(Author Note: The following chapter samples are from earlier edits and, while similar, are not the finalized published versions)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

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About the Author

"A drunk space captain falls asleep at the wheel, accidentally shuts off the auto-pilot, almost crashes into a planet, and then belligerently blames it on his A.I. buddy."

This is how we meet Dax Harrison. Which is fitting, as this is the first scene I ever imagined with him. Originally, I sought to write a script for a small comedic sci-fi short film that perhaps I could pull off filming for cheap with some friends. The problem was the idea grew, and grew. I fell in love with the characters, and eventually I had written a full-length feature film... and scribbled ideas for two sequels. Yikes.

With no Hollywood contacts to speak of, and no budget or resources to film a giant space comedy spectacle myself, who knows if Dax will ever see a big screen? But who cares?! Dax deserves to have his story told, dagnabbit! Hence, I’ve adapted it into my debut novel.

I am a lifelong lover of storytelling, and in particular, adventures. My favorite stories thrill me, make me laugh, cry, cheer, give me chills, leave me with that Spielbergian "look of awestruck wonder", and so on. What inspired Dax Harrison? I suppose every book, movie, TV show, videogame and graphic novel I’ve ever absorbed since I was five years old, pretending to be Indiana Jones while jumping off my mom’s couch over an imaginary pit of lava.

My hope is that with your help (and pre-orders!) I will be able to contribute some of that same magic back to you fine folks. I didn’t realize how much heart I would put into this silly sci-fi yarn when I started it. But if you made it this far in the bio, I can’t thank you enough for your interest, and I hope you’ll join me in Dax’s first of many adventures to come!

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