Josh Sanders
Fascinating topic and a great approach. The line between life and death is blured well to create an interesting perspective. I am very interested to see where you are going with part 2. 
Teresa Morgan Poe
I was definitely not expecting the whole afterlife thing. Definitely intriguing. Will have to continue reading some other time. I have to say though, having the character look into the mirror and describe herself is over-used and not a great way to describe her. Even saying something along the lines of; 'I throw on jeans and a t-shirt over my curvy body and comb out my brown unruly hair.' I only read the first chapter, but other than that, very well written.
Zak Standridge
What I can say about 'Curiosities' is that it really draws you in from the very first sentence. The narrative is extremely well devised, as is the structure. This is the hand of a crafted, not amateur, writer. Excellent read.