Dom L
THIS SOUNDS LIKE A TRIP!! Check it out check it out
Tony Valdez
Modern day cupids at war! Love the premise.
Really enjoying this book. The first chapter raises a number of questions that aren't immediately answered, just like the best books do and in chapter two, we are introduced to a number of key characters and extra depth is given to the story.
Stephen Carignan
With a world just beneath the surface of ours, Cupid by Proxy brings readers in with charm as the mysterious characters draw them in. I found the interplay between characters engaging, even as threads become subthreads and twists change the direction of the story. I look forward to reading more!
G. A. Finocchiaro
With shades of Christopher Moore, this book takes a very upbeat fatastical element, and creates a troubled and fun scenario to play with. It looks like a fun read!