Brian Willis
I am really excited to have the book in my hands once it is finished! I love the style and setting that the author uses, a d&d inspired western is such a fantastic idea I cant believe it isn't more common to hear about. Great work Stephen Harvey, I hope this makes it to publishing because I will be waiting impatiently until the day it arrives at my house!
Brian Willis
Everyone should give this one a chance!
Stephen Carignan
Having a D&D inspired American Western adds lore to a lore-philic genre, and the results make for an interesting read. I found the imagery and characters to be engaging without weighing down the narrative. The history of the world is more felt than seen which makes the entire structure more three-dimensional. I look forward to reading more.
Eric H. Heisner
I love the concept of this fantasy Western and it looks like its gonna be a fun ride!