Manuel Lujan
Awesome read
Andrew Fantasia
This sexy book blends horror & sci-fi like peanut butter and chocolate.
Tachyon Darkholme
The chapter starts with a slow build but by the end left me wanting to read the rest!
Anderson Williams
Has a Stephen King vibe.
Reader Writer
Suspensefull and thrilling! Can't wait to read more!
Peter Ryan
I'm liking the look of this!
Stephen Carignan
With a thrilling air of mystery, Cape's Side Bay engages readers with compelling suspense. Wonderful imagery is used to create a sense of the town and the people within it. Though the people seem to have dismissed the danger to that of urban myth, the prologue clearly propels the story in such a way I really want to know more. In fact, the weakest part of the story is that there isn't any more to read.
James Rasile
Hey, I've written a book I think you'll enjoy! Please check it out. The book can be described as Jaws meets Close Encounters. When a boy goes missing in Cottage Country, it's up to a Park Ranger and Deputy Sheriff to find him.
Aaron Grundy
I can't wait for Cape's Side Bay!
Andrew Fantasia
I've had the opportunity to read Cape's Side Bay in its entirety, and I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. James Rasile truly sets us into a Spielberg-ian world occupied by a dozen characters whom we all care about, naivgating the waters of a monstrous mystery plaguing their town.Every mention of the monster who lurks the titular bay makes the story more and more interesting and unique. I think readers will be pleasantly surprised at the revelations in the book's final act, which puts a neat spin on the supernatural that I won't dare spoil here.