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BLACK FOREST is the story of Nathan in his last few months of high school and his first semester of college. Neither goes well. Nathan spends much of his time in a world of his own creation, where he is the center of attention; he dabbles in witchcraft, reads Tarot cards, and he’s having a secret affair with so-called straight boy Seb.

Also, Nathan sees dead people.

Once college begins, Nathan thinks he’s finally found love with handsome Theo. But when boys on the Waxman campus first go missing, then when their ghosts begin to follow him, Nathan suspects that Theo may be involved in their deaths.

Who is Theo? What is he? And can Nathan find out before it’s too late?

BLACK FOREST will be my first published novel; I believe it will appeal to fans of Shirley Jackson, as it was inspired by her novel HANGSAMAN. I appreciate all the faith and support!

Photo by Liuda Brogiene (@liubro).