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The exciting sequel to the action packed urban fantasy, Beyond the Code. After risking life and limb to break free from The Orders control, Luna and Ranger have cemented their alliance and race forward with a clear mission. They must fight against the corrupted Hand Council, as well as the cruel Masters who exploit their power and influence. A fire-dancing berserker, a civilian detective with an knowledge of The Order, a sadistic hunter with a connection to Ranger, and a mysterious thief are only a few of the new enemies and allies encountered as Luna and Ranger uncover buried secrets, overcome malicious plots, and answer cries for help.

As Luna strives to protect the defenseless and find justice for the fallen, she is forced to face past trauma, and must look deep to answer the most important questions. What is her final goal and is the only way of life she has ever known worth saving? She must learn to trust her allies, herself, and must learn to let go of her heartache. Only then can she and her allies break free of the weight of their pasts and become heroes.

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