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Great read. Can’t wait to hold this book in my hands and continue to relive the stories.
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A lot of chortles and outright guffaws, remembering my days as a junior surgical intern working with similarly junior nurses. Especially enjoyed peeing into Joey’s urinal, and loved the motivational quotes between sections. Look forward to reading more!
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I have never read a book/memoir about a man throughly describing his journey as a nursing  student and what he did for each patient. I loved not only the descriptions but how he dove right into chapter 1 with recalling memories of his encounters and that he found some stuff to be shocking that would come with this career . He was a likable character and seemed comfortable pursuing nursing. It showed his confidence a lot in one chapter with little doubts , thanks to his moms support. It was very intriguing, and I have little knowledge in the medical industry. Great read ! 

Fellow Contestants/Site Members: While considering works to nominate, please take a few moments to read a chapter from my books, Between Midnight and Dawn and Even Blue Birds Sing: A True Story. If you want a book to tug at your heart strings, taking you from laughter to tears and back, these both should fill that prescription.

Between Midnight and Dawn is a memoir covering my husband’s career as an ICU nurse. Ray was not your ordinary, play-by-the-rules nurse. When circumstances looked impossible, he innovated, sometimes with striking results. If you know someone who is a health care worker or who is thinking of becoming one, or if you have been a patient, the pages will be affirming and will bring to light what it means to truly presence with another human being.

Even Blue Birds Sing: A True Story, though centered about the very serious topic of domestic violence, is not all doom and gloom. Despite her horrific circumstances, the real-life person about whom this story was put to paper wanted me to add humor where I could. If you enjoyed Jeannette Walls’ The Glass Castle, you will enjoy this tale of resilience in the face of overwhelming odds and an impossible, Sophie’s Choice type decision. 

Thank you, and best wishes with your own writing adventures! Karen Buyno

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I liked these opening scenes with their realistic descriptions: a perceptive nurse who detects a cheating patient, a crying nun, and graduation from the nursing program. It’s a great idea to have a "Grey’s Anatomy" for the art of nursing, and Nurse Ray seems like he will be a fun protagonist. Good luck!