Tal M. Klein
 As with his previous book, André proves to be a master storyteller. Weaving us through fantastical narratives that capture our imagination and entice our sense of wonder. Very much looking forward to Arcadia!  
Alexander Barnes
Don't tend to read much fantasy but the stark, black, tone of the world Andre has created makes me feel like I'm reading a horror novel and that intrigued me. The imagery conjures visions of witchcraft and demonology more than it does elves and dragons.
Sylvain Brun
this book is worth checking. can't wait to read the first story !!!
Ryne Drogemuller
An interesting sample chapter, and a great premise.
Andrew Wood
Once again, André Brun proves to be an accomplished author. Arcadia is a gripping, inviting story that is sure to prove to be an innovative novel. I cannot wait to read more!
Peter Ryan
André Brun’s Arcadia beckons you into a place that is dark and disturbing. This is a book for readers who like their fantasy shadowy and with a dash of horror. From the get go Brun’s story pulls you in and dares you to come along for the ride. You absolutely need to buy this book.
Jason Pomerance
Andre Brun introduces us here to an intriguing, seductive, strange and mysterious world.  Just from this opening chapter, I'm hooked and looking forward to reading more.
Brian Guthrie
Andre Brun takes the fantastical and the horrifying, tosses them into a boiling cauldron, and snatches the words wafting up to weave a tantalizing tale that will draw the reader in and ensorcell him or her.    
Regina McMenomy, Ph.D.
Love the concept! I've always been a big fan of interwoven short stories and this looks to be a great example of that genre!
Brian Guthrie
Andre is at it again! Don't miss this fantastical whirlstorm through some wild fun and terrifying stories