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Hey everyone,

I have changed the name of An All-American Nightmare to Sinister Falls and opened it to pre-orders as well as entered it into the 2018 Horror Competition through Inkshares. With the support of my followers I believe it can do extremely well. It has been about a year since I completed the manuscript and I’ve had plenty of time to rework some of the inconsistencies and wording to make it what I consider the a great read. I wrote this book as a story I personally would like to dive into and become engulfed in and I hope you all enjoy it.
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Drumroll please...

The first draft of my manuscript is finally complete at roughly 96,500 words.  It has been a long couple of months, but I’m genuinely happy with where the story ended up.  It has been a completely organic project, almost from the beginning, and has grown and evolved into what it is now.  I had a vague idea where to begin and where to end, but the body of the work built on itself day after day with no set outline.  The main characters, both male and female, go through hell and back trying to survive the gods and aspiring gods around them.   An All-American Nightmare has both strong male and female characters that stand up against their fears to survive.  It is written in a chronologically set POV style, reminiscent of A Game of Thrones, in order to tell the story through the views of all of the characters important to the story.  The reader will get a chance to know Charlie, Sheriff Lucas, Flash, Lilly, Kelly, Rose, Rhino, Finney, and Jerry, along with others, feeling their fears, experiencing their pain, and drinking in their adrenaline as they buckle in for this wild ride.


J Charles Poe 
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Hey Everyone,

I’d like to start off by saying thank you for following An All-American Nightmare.  This is my first attempt at a novel, and it feels great to see people showing interest.  It has been a blast writing it and I would love to hear any feed back you have, be it positive or negative, on the story so far or the voice.  As far as the draft goes, I am currently at 80,000 words, and predict that it will finish somewhere around 100,000 to 120,000.  So there is light at the end of the tunnel.

An All-American Nightmare is the story of a small town in flyover country, where all neighbors feel like they know everything about their neighbors, being plagued by secrets and multiple evils, some natural and others supernatural.  It’s the story of a rock band in a country music town called the Freaks, an alcoholic sheriff, and a secret group of witches hiding within the community, and how each of them uses the information they have to protect the ones they love.  It is the story of a power struggle between two evils, a struggle for justice, and a struggle for life.  

I get my influences from story tellers in all mediums.  Writers like Stephen King, Lovecraft, Bradbury, Cline, Poe, and Stine opened my mind to the genres as much as other great visionaries like John Carpenter, George Lucas, Spielberg, or Wes Craven.  Video games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil kept me glued to the big box T.V. with sore thumbs, sweating bullets with a pounding heart as I ran away from T-Virus infected dogs, and movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street inspired me to tape butter knives to my fingers and convince a sleeping friend that Freddy was coming for them.  I took to writing as a way to put my own mark on the genres that have given me so much, as well as to pay homage to some of the great story tellers that have come before me.

If you like the story, please recommend it to your friends or give it a review.   I would love to hear as many peoples views on the story as possible to help make it the best story it can be.


J. Charles Poe