Sina Grace, Marvel Comics writer, former editor of The Walking Dead
A constant surprise... Page-turner almost sounds trite when describing the journey Lee puts his characters- and reader- through in this refreshing debut.
Benjamin Gray
Lee comparing his work to World War Z and Cloud Atlas is doing it a disservice. It is multitudes better than both of those works. As a person who is bored by the undead, and was convinced that the genre had nowhere new to go, I was pleasantly surprised.
J. David Pleins, Ph.D., author of "The Evolving God" and Professor of Biblical History, Mythology, Science and Religion at Santa Clara University
Daniel Lee's captivating After Death weaves together time travel, zombie apocalypse, epic battles, zen musings, quantum physics, and timeless archetypes. He plays with an array of afterlife concepts — beliefs of different faiths, tales from different mythologies, icons of pop culture — and forges them into a Grand Unified Theory of the afterlife. It's both a raucous adventure story and a deep-dive into the human soul. If the great mythographer Joseph Campbell wrote a novel, this would be it!
Katherine Forrister
AFTER DEATH is a blend of the best elements of sci-fi and philosophy. Lee explores tales of the undead, reincarnation of souls, unique planets, & the origin of the universe in a beautiful story that will keep you spellbound long after the final page.