Ghosts and Guardians!

It has been too long! I took a much needed break and now, as promised, I am back. I am gearing up for another go at funding A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians, but before I ask for preorders, I am going to ask you to help me create some buzz. I need recommendations, comments, and likes on my Inkshares​ page (feel free to check out A Tale of Beasts and Brothers too!). That is the most important right now: your words about my words. 

After that, I need followers, here at Inkshares, on Facebook, and over on Twitter (and Tumblr if you are so inclined) so please invite your friends and connections to follow all of those things. 

When the campaign launches, you all will be the first to know. If you were unable to get your preorder in last time, be sure to set your money aside now.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need continue training for a successful campaign...

Good morning Ghosts and Guardians!

Well, I have to express my great appreciation to all of you who followed, liked, reviewed, shared, and pre-ordered my book. Your support means so much to me. It gives me fuel to keep writing and sharing my work. Unfortunately, today is the 14th of November, tomorrow is the last day of my campaign, and I will not reach either the digital or print goal.

No matter! One campaign is done, but one day another will come. I have learned some tricks during this campaign that I plan to use during the the next. A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians will stay on Inkshares in the draft stage. Please continue to like, review, and share the book. A new campaign will have an explosive start with hundreds of followers ready to pre-order.

Again, thank you all. Every writer needs readers and you are the greatest. Don’t forget to be awesome. I’ll see you on the other side.

Happy Halloween Ghosts and Guardians!

I hope your day is filled with tricks and treats (and no rocks). To my 61 followers this is the final spotlight of the Tale of Ghosts and Guardians Monster Files. It’s a grand one. It’s a powerful one. It’s a frightening one. It is Witches.

Witches are humans who have learned and practiced the difficult art of magic. Magic can be taught to any being, but the lessons are kept secret by the centuries old human organization. Magic is an alteration of the physical world, controlled by the witch, who had offered a totem or part of their spirit to gain that control. Knowing the cost of power, witches utilize social and institutional tricks and persuasion to meet their ends. Witches are very selective, and any magic user who does not practice according to their long established rules will be financially ruined, publicly ostracized, or just plain killed.

Witches operate as a mafia-like organization in A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians. If something supernatural is happening they are usually involved, or they are aware enough to be ready to use the paranormal event to their advantage. When the witches do eventually encounter the characters of A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians, the characters have one clear choice, join the witches or die. 

I hope you all enjoyed these short segments devoted to the monsters of A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians. Much of the joy of writing has been taking these long established monsters and creatures and giving them updated stories and realistic themes. Let me know if there is anything you want to know more about.  

Late update this week, Ghosts and Guardians... but it’s better than no update!

First, an actual update: Our followers are few (61) and our pre-orders are few (37) so I am not filled with a lot of confidence that I will reach my goal of 250 by November 15. That’s okay, because I am filled with the confidence that A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians is a captivating story with amazing characters that only requires more readers and more advocates. Grassroots, baby! If I do not reach my goal, you money will be refunded, but the campaign will not end. I will keep promoting my work. I will keep asking you to promote my work. I will keep asking everyone I see to fall in love with Kara and Hardy and Beth and Will and Chris and Monique and Maninder as much as I do.

With that said, I owe you another Monster File this week-- Faeries 

Before the end of the first common era millennium, the faerie and dragon populations rivaled humans. Many battles were fought for dominance and humans emerged the victor, with faeries facing near extinction and dragons completely wiped out. Today, because of their endangerment, most faeries are reclusive and only enter the human world to feed or reproduce. Faeries have different strengths and weaknesses, as well as different tastes. They are not a malicious species, rather they are fighting to survive in a world that has moved on from them.

Faeries are an ancillary force in A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians and become much more prominent in A Tale of Beasts and Brothers and later books in the series. 

Next week will be the final Monster File spotlight. It will be on the most powerful group in the world of A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians. It is the group that can turn dragons into myth, reduce faeries to folklore, and banish gods from the earth: Witches. 

See you on Halloween!

Greetings Ghosts and Guardians!

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the Hunter’s Supermoon last night. It was amazing! If you missed you, you might be able to catch the downswing tonight.

Of course, this is the perfect time to spotlight the Monster File on Werewolves. Will is the resident werewolf in A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians. He knows he is different from the other werewolves in the world, and he is featured in Chapter 5 "A Wolf in Man’s Clothing".

Werewolves are humans transformed by the bite of another werewolf, but unlike vampires, they do not have to die and be reborn. They age as a human would, and can be killed in the numerous ways a human can, including (extremely) old age. Their true wolf form is revealed by the light of a full moon, and in that form they have great strength and speed, along with sharp teeth and claws. Werewolves will remember their time in wolf form, but their actions are guided by instinct and hunger, rather than ethics and morals. In human form, their morals may kick back in, and some regret the injuries and destruction they have caused. 

Next week will be a look at the Faerie folk of A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians. Stay tuned!

Happy Monday!

Today I have another Monster File to share, and first, some good news. The Urban (or Rural) Fantasy Syndicate has chosen A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians as their inaugural book to support. It is a great honor, and they had this to say about it:

It’s fresh, it’s original, and it really captured our interest.

Now to capture 700 more interests in the next 36 days!

Today’s Monster File is on Vampires. A creature with a long history in literature, film, and television, in  A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians the vampires are calculating, ruthless, and incredibly fun-loving.

Vampires are transformed humans, who must die and be reborn to achieve immortality. With the life-force gained by drinking blood, they can keep the image they had when they were reborn, along with increased strength, agility, and healing. Without blood, they will grow weak, worn, and haggard until they become immobile and crumble into dust. Sunlight and fire can also turn a vampire to dust. Decapitation will not immediately kill a vampire, but with the mouth separated from the heart, they will eventually crumble due to lack of blood. 

Monique is a vampire from 15th century France. She is featured in Afterimage, please take five minutes to check it out.

Next week the spotlight will be on Werewolves.

It’s October 3rd, Ghosts and Guardians!

Which means a lot of things, but for A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians, it means it’s time for an update!

This week’s monster files spotlight is on the LIVING DEAD, which is a heavily populated category. It includes any creature that was dead for a period of time and is once again up and moving. Zombies, mummies, ghouls, and patchwork creatures fall into this category. Vampires do not, and the reason why will be explained next week.

The Living Dead are brought back without consent. Their resurrection takes a great amount of power and usually holds unforeseen consequences. Magic and godly intervention are the two main vehicles which raise the dead, the other less common one is Man’s perversion of natural science. Due to the various means of resurrection, how the living dead behave will also vary. Some are mindless, some have one purpose (to kill, to reach a destination, to follow the orders of their summoner), and others have the personality and free will from their previous lives. Some will continue to eat, drink, and age as a human would, and others will not age or heal after wounded.

In A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians Hardy, Chris, and Maninder fall under the category of the Living Dead, but their origins, skills, and personalities are very diverse. 

I’ve added an excerpt from Chapter Nine: Untangled, the meeting of Chris and Maninder, the only two characters not yet introduced in my sample chapters. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Hello Ghosts and Guardians!

Pre-orders have slowed down in the past few weeks. So have my updates. Correlation? Causation? I’ll make you a deal. I will post more updates, add some fun, and you can keep commenting and spreading the word about A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians

Halloween is coming and that will be the perfect time to attract readers to ghosts, mummies, witches, werewolves, zombies, vampires, and Frankenstein monsters.

Every Monday for the next six weeks I will post a spotlight from my monster files, which explains how each type of monster lives and behaves in the world of A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians.

This week’s spotlight is on the titular GHOSTS


When the living spend an extraordinary amount of time with an object, location, or another living being, they form a connection that is hard to sever, even when they are gone. Ghosts are the dead come back for a life cut short; for a chance not taken; for a love not requited. They thrive on regret. Not all ghosts can be seen. Not all ghosts can be heard. All ghosts can affect the world of the living, despite not being able to touch it. Ghosts are not beholden to the rules of the physical world. They can float through any material, move objects as large as a person, and possess human bodies to do their bidding. Because of this, ghosts are difficult to defeat, but they are always vulnerable to a powerful witch.

Don’t forget to check out the excerpt from Afterimage, a Monique chapter, posted on my front page. This is an exchange between Monique the vampire and Kara the ghost, which highlights how each woman perceives the world and how being monsters affects them.

And look for the Living Dead spotlight next Monday!

Good morning Ghosts and Guardians!

I haven’t updated you in a few days and I know what you all must be thinking: Ryan is missing! He must be hurt. He must be scared. What if an ordög abducted him?

I assure you I am fine. Call off your witches. In fact, my absence was all a part of my larger strategy. 

Step 1: Join Inkshares. 

Step 2: Don’t update readers. 

Step 3: ??? 

Step 4: Profit.

As you can see, Step 3 is all up to you. Have you been reading? Awesome! Please leave a comment. Would you like to read more? I would love to show you more. Please pre-order. Would you like to read more on paper in a bound book? Me too! Please recommend and share with all of your networks.

October is nearly here and with that will come Halloween. I will be campaigning a lot in that month, so the updates will be more frequent. Get ready. I plan to do a series explaining the monsters of A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians. Let me know if there is anything you want to know about.

Thank you all for your continuing support. Have a great Sunday!

Wonderful Wednesday to all you Ghosts and Guardians!

I am happy to announce that I have a new cover design from the amazingly multitalented Kaytalin Platt, author of The Living God, which is currently funding on InkShares. Check it out!

And, *drumroll*, here it is!

Pretty cunning, donchya think?

Please continue to read and comment, share and support. November 15 will be here sooner than we know and I need at least 220 more pre-orders before then.

Thank you all!