Heather Warnken
Go Jesse & Sylvia!!!
Steven Miller
Please support this.
Author Chelsea Moye
I love the concept of imagining the perfect friend! <3
Juan P Svenningsen
Cool book with a great idea. Please support Jesse and Sylvia as they share a great story with us!
Tabi Card
A story co-authored by a father & daughter team? Sign me up!
Larry Gibbs, Jr.
I love the idea behind this book, and the fact that it's a father/daughter duo doing this together makes it that much more awesome. Check it out!
Otter's world is a lovely mystery. I can't wait to find out more!
Theron Couture
Something both foreboding and wonderful: A world where imaginary friends are visible and always at your side. I can't wait to see Otter's story unfold.
Stephen Carignan
I love the premise of having real imaginary friends, not only due to the abstract concept, but the playful nature of having a contradiction in logic. This sets up the tone of the piece, while creating a great dynamic for the protagonist. The external and internal pressures move the story along, while the writing itself keeps readers engaged. I look forward to reading more.
Benjamin Gray
A Friend for Otter is infinitely adorable and whimsical, but more than that it's an emotional story something rarely seen in literature-- a three-dimensional child. Otter is a perfect protagonist.