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Vincent Lim

Full-time Buddhist, part-time human, dad, lover, son, brother, engineer, author, ex-volunteer firefighter, blogger, rebel, avenger, justice leaguer, syncretist, nerdist, Vanzauran Talam, singularitarian
Vincent is the author of
Cora, one of the last Sentinels, remains the last line of defense against an unknown enemy laying siege to her planet. Together with a handful of allies, Cora must find a way to protect the one thing this enemy had come to destroy - the humans.
Girl attempts to pass through alternate reality portal to reunite with her parents who are dead in this reality.
Couple on holiday gets struck by lightning, they discover weeks later that they can read each others minds.
Imagine a world where everyone’s imaginations come to life, literally.
1 day, 12 hours, 35 minutes, 8 seconds is all they have together before the wormhole collapses.
Abdul, the unluckiest man on Earth, has been chosen by the agents of destiny to change his fate.
You switch the morning news on. Minutes later, anchorman stands in front of burning house. It’s yours.
Books Vincent Recommends
I don't normally do this, but Sync City is really a fun read... just check out the first line. If fish had hands, it would grab this book and yank... also he's an Aussie, but don't hold that against him. :^)
In a post-apocalyptic future, fractured timelines are wreaking havoc on the world. Only a tough, hard-drinking enforcer named Jack Trevayne can hold things together. This is gritty, hard-boiled sci-fi with attitude. The future is complicated. Jack is not.
If you've enjoyed the Thunder Cats as a child growing up in the 80s, then this is a book for you!
Embark on an adventure that leads Maxan, a cunning fox, to uncover technological marvels and truths about his world that will forever change the fate of all species, be they animals, or mankind itself.
It has a subtle Asimov feel to it.
He witnessed the end. Now he has a new mission. Hear his testimony.
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