Thea Tiffany Seifert and Kelly Graniel

Writers of the Kairos Prophecy Book series and both are avid readers and perpetual dreamers.   Please follow our book as well
Thea is the author of
A series about fifteen people who’s lives become intertwine as a plot to destroy the universe unfolds. This book is just the start as a hell gate opens up on school grounds and a kidnapping of a prince creates an adventure for Slick and her friends.
Books Thea Recommends
Interesting and intriguing premise. Love it and definitely recommend this book. Especially for reluctant vampire
Sounds very epic and love the fact that it is a warrior princess who just wants to live in peace
A young princess and others must band together to save their world from imminent ecological collapse in this fantasy-adventure story, reminiscent of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Herbert’s Dune.
Love the sass and interplay. Great story!!
In a space-faring future, an alien war criminal seeks vengeance on humanity, and a celebrated-but-bumbling hero is forced back into action... whether he likes it or not.
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