They found the universe’s greatest secret. They should have left it buried.
hard science fiction
Status: In production
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Van Helsing unleashes Dracula, the legendary killing machine, in order to repel the Nazis from World War II-era Romania.
historical fantasy
Status: Published
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An LA transplant struggles over whether to return to rural Appalachia after her father’s death and an abusive relationship. A feisty rule breaker and her abuelita, and maybe a little bit of magic, help her understand the meaning of home.
literary fiction
Status: In production
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A female airship Captain and her crew work to prevent a despotic Queen Victoria expanding her empire.
science fiction
Status: Draft
So you’ve inadvertently trapped an ancient trans-dimensional god in your backyard shed; what do you do? That’s what Venus McKenzy and her friends would like to know.
Status: Published
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