Sometimes you see an injustice and decide to help. Along the way you discover that the ones you think you’re helping, the hopeless and lost ones, are giving you your life. This is about women, some with AIDS, transforming one another.
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A little girl with a stuffed rabbit.  The inescapable nightmares, whether awake or asleep.  The words she keeps hearing like a song stuck in her head.  For Emily Hunter, the time to discover the key to her madness has finally come.
mystery, thriller and suspense
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Fairy-companions weren’t unheard-of. Unusual, but not unheard-of. Rare. Legendary, even. Oliver couldn’t remember a time without his.
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What do a forgotten god, a comatose kid, and a pissed off demon all have in common?? That’d be me, Henry, the underpaid Gofer of the Gods. I’ll be your tour guide on this insane adventure that is my life.
urban fantasy
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Government agents coerce a snarky but craven vampire into locating and disposing of a dragon in the arctic wilds of Canada
dark fantasy
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