The citizens of Tortain are rioting. The city powers race to stop the rising chaos, will they go too far and who gains from it’s continuance? Nearby cities are concerned. If Tortain can’t maintain the peace then it had better prepare for war.
historical fantasy
Status: Draft
Betty the Cat describes her view of the world and how it should be, obviously.
Status: Draft
Erzsebet Bathory, one of history’s most brutal and prolific serial killers has tapped into a dark and powerful magic that threatens all who cross her path.  All seems lost until Erzsebet’s most loyal attendant discovers she has magic of her own...
Status: Funding
34 ordered
A territorial psychiatrist must find the murderer hunting his patients before the police pin the crimes on him.
thriller and suspense
Status: In production
177 ordered
When an ancient vampire escapes from hell, Myles Dáithín is the only one who can stop him breaking the armistice between heaven and hell to unleash the apocalypse.
dark fantasy
Status: Funding
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