When a troubled singer returns to New York to record her new album she rekindles a relationship with her married ex-lover, and as their affair intensifies, it threatens to destroy more than just her career.
women's fiction
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Mid-50s now, backpacking like I’m still 23.  Alone in South America.   Still taking chicken buses, and sleeping in budget hostels or when I’m very lucky, couchsurfing with locals.  Yep, still making bad decisions too.  Wouldn’t do it any other way.
Status: Draft
God and the Devil make a bet; can someone born evil be turned to good?  Someone good to evil?  What follows is a fun 20th century tale of Hero vs Villain saves Damsel-in-distress, except Damsel is not as helpless as they think.
literary fiction
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A female soldier sent from another universe rescues a boy by bringing him to her world and the two must unravel a conspiracy theory about her king before he can return home.
young adult
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Emma wakes with no memory of how she got to her retreat on a remote island. Deathly afraid of water, her fear of it, together with the strange happenings she witnesses, leaves her wondering if her retreat will bring peace or something more ominous.
commercial fiction
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