Juliet and Romeo meet in a modern day gaming community.
video games
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A disfigured boy must fight back when his camp counselors turn into blood-thirsty killers.
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To prevent a rebellion, a boy was murdered, covered up by the President. But now, 17-year-old Easton is back, ready for revenge, with a sword, new body, and an orphan’s special gift—if he can survive his stepmother’s promise to destroy him.
science fiction
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When you live an unhinged youth, life is eventually going to crash into adulthood. Calculated risks at home lead to travel risks in Russia, Lebanon & the Balkans. Join Eamonn’s story of escape; where everyone is trying to steal their own bit of life.
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There’s a new drug in town, and it’s a killer. Khaos, a psychedelic that makes its users see a shadowy apparition before committing suicide is sweeping through a small Washington town, but is it just a drug or something more sentient, more sinister?
Status: Draft