A child slips through a portal into the land of the Fae and traverses the Otherworld with the help of a young elf, while her parents are left to deal with the changeling that was left in her place.
teen and young adult
Status: Funding
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An assassin uncovers a sinister plot that threatens to plunge Merelais into a war unlike anything the world has ever seen. He must team up with a princess and an airship captain to uncover the truth before it consumes them all.
epic fantasy
Status: Draft
An over-eager game developer becomes a pawn in an occult conspiracy to summon the devil in virtual reality.
video games
Status: Draft
Two women trade stories of their failed romantic endeavors while on a date at a coffee shop.
gay and lesbian
Status: Draft
a book inspired by my experiences with long-term recovery from heroin addiction.
Status: Draft