A tale of ancient alchemy, Joe lives amongst a small town in the Pacific Northwest as an "undead".  Seeking eternal solitude, companionship finds a way.
Status: Draft
Flintlock epic fantasy that’s a bit dark without going all grimdark. A condemned witch and a disgraced soldier are caught between dead gods who want to murder their parents and a living sword with dreams of genocide.
epic fantasy
Status: Published
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A book about the history of World War 1
Status: Draft
After inheriting her Uncle’s estate Amanda discovers a hidden underground passage of mirrors behind a bookshelf. But something inside has awakened and Amanda’s about to discover that alchemy and mythology are so much more than stories.
Status: Draft
On the eve of his 30th birthday, a Millennial takes a life-altering, 46-day road trip across the United States that serves as the catalyst for change he so desperately needs.
Status: Draft