What do a forgotten god, a comatose kid, and a pissed off demon all have in common?? That’d be me, Henry, the underpaid Gofer of the Gods. I’ll be your tour guide on this insane adventure that is my life.
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Peter Pan meets The King in Yellow. Ten strangers must band together and find a way to defeat Suelitta before they lose what is left of their sanity.
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’Maze Runner’ meets ’The Matrix’ in a fast-paced, mind-bending YA sci-fi thriller where a group of teens face a series of dangerous tests they don’t remember signing up for.
science fiction
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Derric was a laboratory test subject rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project. This is the story of his journey to freedom.
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A young man, desperate to escape his dead-end life as an espresso jockey, makes an unexpected discovery. The Devil is real and makes him a surprising offer, to do good deeds and make something of himself. Will he lose his soul in the bargain?
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