A string of gruesome, supernatural murders plague the peaceful towns of old-time rural France, whispers about the gypsy lore of the Carnivuara begin to circulate as the body count rises...
thriller and suspense
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A ragtag group of bounty hunters explore the fringes of the known universe with the drug-addicted conman who’s seen beyond them.
science fiction
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In the wake of a school bombing on Halloweeen, a pair of teenage would-be sleuths uncover a local network of Neo-Nazis and a town’s buried secrets.
teen and young adult
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An expert in the NFT gaming space breaks down why this movement is so powerful and how you can position yourself in this new wave of "play to earn".
video games
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The world was very warm, this story happened a long time ago. The world was very enchanted too, the world was very beautiful. The world was very lovely, the story was very lovely. The world was very beautiful, the land was very warm. The
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