Cyborg soldier Jacob Sicarius awakens early from stasis to find the crew of his multi-generational colony ship entrenched in civil war. Can he win the war against the mutineers and the malfunctioning AI implant fighting for control over his brain?
hard science fiction
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Rogue time-traveler works to discover more about a developing conspiracy on her home planet while trying to keep Earth safe.
science fiction
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A non-fictional account of how trauma, tragedy and loss led a bright young college student into the dark, lonely, and dangerous throws of depression, and the cultural stigma and stereotypes that often prevent treatment
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An Indo-Canadian witch finds herself at the heart of a prophecy and must battle Elves, Dwarves and an onslaught of mystical creatures to survive, while making a few friends along the way.
epic fantasy
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"I will burn this world and lay its ashes at your feet." A human slave wreaks havoc on her faerie masters through lies, betrayal and seduction (Updated chapters are under the ’Read’ section)
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