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Sara Polk

Social worker through and through, aspiring author when I have the spare moment.  
Sara is the author of
When you die your soul doesn’t just leave your body. There’s a process: ripping, reaping, replacing.
Books Sara Recommends
The first chapter sets the stage for what proves to be a captivating and exciting work. The descriptive language sets the reader up well to partake in that adventure. The walls are close in on this dystopian future and who knows what will happen.
Sixty years after The Seclusion, in which America sealed itself off from the outside world, Patch Collins navigates the panoptic nightmare of a total surveillance state.
This is a really cool concept, especially as it is presented so far with just the advertising. I would like one of each enhancement, please!
Magic returns. Companies brand it. New abilities can be yours for one small payment ...just sign on the dotted line.
Ok, can I go to this "Sorcery Superstore"? I'd really like that. But I guess I'll settle for just being able to read as this story unfolds.
The world of magic and the mundane collide as sixteen year old Vanessa Brand struggles with her first job as a retail associate at the Sorcery Superstore, a place of wonder and enchantment. But trouble is brewing, even beyond the confines of Aisle 4.
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