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Rebecca Pert

MA in Creative Writing, PhD in Self-Sabotaging Perfectionism
Rebecca is the author of
A woman living in self-imposed exile on the Shetland Islands is haunted by a dark secret.
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I like this a lot. The style of prose threw me off a little at first - present tense is a tricky beast - but soon I realised it was being deftly handled by a very talented author and I could relax and enjoy it immensely. Superbly entertaining.
A territorial psychiatrist must find the murderer hunting his patients before the police pin the crimes on him.
This is by far one of the best-written extracts I've seen on Inkshares - strong narrative voice, a complex and convincing protagonist, and pacey writing with no extraneous detail. Very polished work. I sincerely hope this book gets published!
A teenager gets adopted by an Asian American dad. Before they can figure out their relationship, the father/son relocate from California to Texas where they deal with heat, nosy neighbors, all around culture shock, and a kidnapping couple.
Some delicious writing in here, and an intriguing premise. Can't wait to read more!
A coming-of-age story grounded in traumatic, criminal events: how suffering arson culminated in my becoming an artist.
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by Andrés Barba
by Jeffrey Eugenides
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