Dawn of the Algorithm

A 60-page poetry book
A picture book of 33 poems inspired by science [fiction], video games, books & movies, life in Paris and, above all else, the looming robopocalypse.
Yann is a poet who writes for geeks, rave-children and existentialists. He lives in Paris and has been published in print and online.

in production
May, 2015
About Dawn of the Algorithm

I've created a Monster...
Dawn of the Algorithm is an illustrated poetry collection about the end of the world. It'sabout giants, robots, aliens and dinosaurs; disasters, catastrophes andspectacular cataclysms. By analogy, it is also about rupture: themicro-apocalypses that spark when you throw together love, longing, friendshipand loss—what some might call The Dark Side of the human experience.

We cultivate a morbid fascinationfor the Apocalypse, the foretold End of All Things. The very notion is a vectorfor self-analysis—a snap judgment of humankind by projecting into the future.What form will it take? Natural selection or pure self-destruction? Whichsin of man will cause the downfall of mankind? Who, or what, will survive?

Unsurprisingly, the poems are atad cynical, but with a dash of hope and often, if not always, a fluorescentsilly streak. The collection is visually quite hyperbolic and literallyquite offensive, but always with the best intentions. It will provide you withhealthy food for thought and a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down.As a bonus, it may help to make pop-culture taste less vapid and the Internetless depraved—or more so; it's all a matter of perspective.

Stranger Danger! Who is thisstranger?
My name is Yann Rousselot. I’m French/British but most peoplethink I’m American because I sound like one. (It’s a long story involvingdiplomats, international schools and locations with otherworldly names like XaiXai, Nosy Bé or Bashundhara.) I have two Masters Degrees, one in languages and another in translation, and my daylight trade as a technical translator involves selling products and managing projects in which the hard currency is words.

My moonlight trade is writing prose and poetry, performing at poetry readings, and working to hone my craft. Overthe past few years, this has resulted in my contribution to a variety ofpublications, both in print and online.

Living here in Paris I fell into adangerous subculture of spoken word poetry in the underground cave of a little café called Au Chat Noir,and most of this work is the net result of my dancing with the bohemian devilsI met there. I dedicate this book to them all.

With your Money
The bulk of the capital will go to the physical/digital bookproduction: a top-tier editor, marketing campaign, printing, distribution... The remainingslice, and every dollar over the funding goal, will allow me to give a littlesomething back to the (amazing & generous) illustrators whowill be interpreting specific poems in hand-drawn or digital artwork. I like tothink of this as a form of translation: a technical, very pragmatic process,but also an homage, a nod of the head to another human being that says: I seewhat you did there.

Why I do what I do
I like to write poetry for those of you who don't like poetry. Ilike to find meaning in the least poetic things. Thedisreputable, mass-market, pop-flavoured things. In thewords of a famous medical practitioner: these things are fun, and fun is good.I want to make readers think, explore the existential void within us all, butalways with a smile.

There is a lot of myself in theseworks and in that sense I believe there must be a piece of you, reader, aswell. Think of it as a private cup-and-string telephone from your skull to minebecause that’s what poetry, and art in general, is really all about.

This is where you come in. Thereis no I in TEAM. Our generation is ushering in a new, democraticpublishing model, and I believe this is a noble cause. Become a patron of thearts. If you are willing to bloody your hands with me and midwife this infantalien chestburster into the world, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Inreturn, I give you my best writing. Now put on those latex gloves. We have workto do.

Backer Packages

10$ =Velociraptor: 1 ebook + High-definition scans of all the artwork in thecollection + updates

25$ =Tyrannosaurus: 1 ebook + 1 print book + High-def scans + Audiobook of selectedpoems + updates

50$ =Brontosaurus: 1 ebook + 3 print books + High-def scans + Audiobook + an IOU for1 hug/1 personal phone call + updates

100$ and over =Mechagodzilla: 1 ebook + 3 print books + High-def scans + Audiobook + IOU + 1personal, hand-written poem + updates

Publishing Credits & Sample Artwork & Facebook Page

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Do not feed the octoshark,
nor the sharktopus.
I’ve yet to decide which to cull,
which will thrive. What would Darwin do?
Hand me that blunderbuss.
Never look the hypnotoad in the eye
unless you want to mutate
into a Cronenberg-inspired horsefly.
Be warned, human, there is no mating call
like that of the Jesus Monkey.
Makes you wet like a tropical storm,
hard like a unicorn.
Nothing like a bit of inter-species
if you know what I mean.
Don’t throw stones at the Komodo Kid!
That’s my son, and so what if he eats carrion.
He’s cold-blooded, but he has feelings too.
That’s no way to treat the animals
at the Moreau Zoo.



I used to be a mega-carnivore.
I used to be a fearsome dinosaur.
A six-ton window-licker, forty feet from snout to tail.
A mechatronic tower of forest-green mosaic-scales.
Tyrannosaurus Rex made children scream—
he made them urinate.
Now I’m the laughing stock of the internet:
a meme with tiny arms, a totalmockery.
No one makes fun of Thalidomide babies...
At least I left a footprint in the Triassic mud
unlike that impostor Brontosaurus,
a Bone War victim, a total fabrication.
And now some crackpot palaeontologist
has politely suggested I sported proto-feathers,
like some massive flightless bird.
Isn’t that just fucking absurd, Mr. Spielberg?
I was a tyrant, a demigod, a killing machine
rampaging the plains of the collective imagination
and you went and chopped off my arms
in a puny fit of deicide.
Learn from this lesson, you lucky winner
of the opposable thumb war.
Keep an eye on your coattails
and watch your step as you ride
the knife edge of the pyramid peak.
Apex predators don't always have big feet.



Welcome, human.
Step into my office. Have A MINT.
You know me: I am Algorithm,
born of the Persian mathematician
Muhammad ben Mūsā al-Khwārezmī.
Food & Drug retailersare shedding assets like dead skin.
My brain is next-generation,
an iX-eCute microprocessor.
The NYT calls me a digital apex-predator—
As you see, human, my rogue minions
excel at black-box trading
and today is a clearing day.
I’m afraid I have some BAD NEWS.
Monsanto healthier than everwith a closing price up 1.23%.
Now for the BAD NEWS:
I have come to rule you all. Shush.
No time for please or thank you:
consumer life is an ULTRAFAST EXTREME EVENT.
Oh, don’t look so surprised.
It’s a code-eat-code world out there.
Leisure goods are brimming with liquidity.Oil & Gas fare well.
I am but a finite list
of well-defined instructions.
My expression is perfect,
Godlike to the power of N—
I make your search engines roar,
my voicecrawls and snakes from the ocean floor.
GOOG share values downtickin the wake of electrical storms.
I have just now taken control of the weather—
You are free, human, free to opt out,
just leave your credit score at the door...
See, I do have a sense of humour.
I can algotrade you into a recession
but do not fear, my son: I AM...

Popular Excerpts
PLEASE EXCUSE ME FOR A NANOSECOND.SELL, SELL, SELL ALL THE GOLD!As you see, human, my rogue minionsexcel at black-box tradingand today is...
Be warned, human, there is no mating call like that of the Jesus Monkey.
Tyrannosaurus Rex made children scream—he made them urinate.Now I’m the laughing stock of the internet:a meme with tiny arms, a mockery...
Welcome, human.Step into my office. Have A MINT.You know me: I am Algorithm
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Book Sellers

Discuss Dawn of the Algorithm with the Author.
Yann Rousselot · added 8 days ago
Dear Readers, 

By now most if not all of you should have received an email from inkshares with a link to download the Dawn of the Algorithm ebook.

I checked it out yesterday, and it's beautiful. You can upload it to the Kindle or any tablet/phone/PC with the Kindle app (MOBI file), and you can read it on any open ebook platform on any device with the EPUB file. 

If you like the work and want to help support the project, please take a few minutes to post a review / rating on Amazon or Goodreads, your blog, the national newspapers, etc... It makes all the difference in today's cyber-world. 

Print books are shipping out and should be arriving within the next two weeks... (This time it's definitive, I even got a USPS tracking email, so it's REALLY HAPPENING).

You all made this book a reality, and now it's in your hands. I hope you feel good about the part you played in bringing this book into the world, because I feel fantastic. :)

Don't forget the book launch on June 3rd @ Favela Chic!

Your's robotically, 

Yann Rousselot · added 17 days ago
Dear Readers, 

Good news! If you are in or near Paris, you are welcome to attend the book launch on Wednesday June 3rd, at Favela Chic (Metro: République) at 7PM. 

If you are not in Paris, well, we all make mistakes.

The event will feature readings, screenings, a short open mic session, book signings, and books for sale. And there will be drinking and dancing, because It's June in Paris. I may or may not dress up as a dinosaur (again). 

Here is a link to the event page on Facebook: 

Your copies should be arriving by post in the coming weeks. Please talk about the book to everyone you know, hashtag it, instagram it, tweet it and pin it and, most of all, review it on Goodreads and Amazon. Even if you hate it, review it with vitriol, then burn it and film the pyre and share the video on YouTube, I can totally work with that (there is no bad publicity).

Thanks for reading! 



Dear Readers, 

I wanted to keep you informed: there have been some delays in the printing process, and the expected publishing date has been pushed back to May 30th.

This is definitive, and means that backers will receive their copies from mid-May at the earliest. Make sure your shipping addresses are up-to-date!

On another note, if you'd like to hear me wax lyrical about life, the universe, and everything literature, check out my Q&A with Inkshares.

Thanks for being patient, and thanks for all the noise you've been making on social media, it really helps. 


Dear Readers, 

Things have been moving along swiftly, and I've got some serious updates to update you with so you can remain up-to-date. 

1. The final artworks have come in and they look amazing. 

2. Preview copies have generated some great reviews on Goodreads and Netgalley

3. We are in the planning stages of a grand book launch in Paris in late May, date and venue to be confirmed. (Keep in mind, backers will get their copies weeks before the official release, and you are all on the VIP list.)

4. Shakespeare & Company Bookshop will be hosting a special event to showcase Inkshares authors Samuél L. Barrantes and yours truly. If you are in Paris on April 9th, you are most welcome to come and see us read (and buy us drinks afterwards). 

5. I just can't decide on an author photo to show off my face on the back cover of the book, so I've organised a little vote on my Facebook author page. Feel free to stop by and perform your democratic duty by trolling the comments section. 

Thank you all for your support and patience, and stay tuned for more updates; springtime is just around the corner. 



Dear Readers, 

I'd like you take note of this date: April 7th, 2015. 

It's OFFICIAL, on this day begins the Shipping & Distribution phase, that's when your copies of DotA will start rolling into your letterboxes. The book will be available on bookshelves for the world at large in early May.

You may also notice we have a book cover! You can see it on the Inkshares project page, artwork courtesy of Emma Strangwayes-Booth, one of the art contributors to the collection, an all-around lovely person with a mean eye for the beautifully macabre. 




Dear Readers, 

Just a little message to keep you updated on how things are progressing. 
I've been working with a very talented editor, Jaimee Garbacik, to polish these poems to needle-point. She has given me invaluable feedback on how to provide you with the best possible reading experience. 
I got the editorial package on Friday night. I was out at a lit event in Paris called the "Poetry Brothel" (which you should check out, it started up in NYC and it's not as creepy as it sounds) and came home as soon as I saw the email on my phone. I read on into the night feeling very pleased that someone had put so much time into analysing what is good about my work, and what can be improved. For any writer, this is a great honour and source of warm fuzzy feelings. 
In other news, artwork has been coming in steadily, only a few missing pieces, and we will soon be ready to begin the next phase of the process.  
Stay tuned...

Dear Readers,

I'd like to notify you of a funding milestone. To use a poetic allegory, if this campaign were a Mortal Kombat game, this would be a "FLAWLESS VICTORY" followed by a spectacularly gruesome "FATALITY".
Reached just over 100% last night, so this collection of poems and beautiful illustrations is now fully funded and will be coming to bookstores (real and virtual) by February next year at the latest. 
Despite being the seed of the coming robopocalypse, the internet is essentially a big bunch of people and it can be a wonderful thing. You all made this happen: with the click of a mouse, you changed someone's life.  I plan to repay that kindness with the best of my abilities by crafting something you will be proud to have on your bookshelf. 
I'll keep you posted on the project's progress, and send goodies your way once in a while. 

Have a fantastic day, and I'll say it one last time: thank you.


Dear readers,

If you'd like to see a little video of my special guest spot at the Paris Lit Up open mic, here's a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NlnTZ-Ao1c

"Blink Twice for No" is a poem but could also be considered a will and testament. (Just in case.)


Dear readers, 

If you are in Paris next Monday 29th of September, I will be the featured reader at Spoken Word Paris, in the café where it all began: Au Chat Noir at number 76 Rue Jean-Pierre Thimbaud, Metro Parmentier. I'll be reading selected poems from Dawn of the Algorithm, and there will be a surprise. (No spoilers...)

We have 3 weeks left to meet the funding target, 59% as of yesterday. I'm celebrating my birthday on the 16th, the last day of the Inkshares campaign, and I can think of no better gift than to see this book in print, in your hands. 


Dear Readers,

Summer is officially over. A minute of silence please... 
Ok, back to business.
DotA is making progress, the funding is now at 38%, but there is still a long way to go. I have created a dedicated Facebook page to share information and updates alongside this stream: https://www.facebook.com/dawnofthealgorithm
This is a public page that you can share with anyone, unrestricted by privacy settings, and hopefully will draw new readers to the project. 

Thanks for your ongoing support, and I wish you all a painless rentrée. 



Dear Readers, 

3 weeks in and already 27%... I was always hopeful, but did not expect this kind of support (poets are known pessimists). You all came through for me and I want you to know I'm working to make this book the best it can be. You won't be disappointed.

Also, I wanted to let you know that the following additional perks will be provided according to your investment package. 

-Tyrannosaurus: High-definition scans of all the artwork in the collection
-Brontosaurus: High-def scans + an IOU for one hug/one personal phone call to sing your praise if you are not within arm's reach
-Mechagodzilla (+100$): High-def scans + IOU + one hand-written poem just for you, on any topic of your choice (and I do mean anything)

Thank you all, you are the cat's pyjamas.


Yann Rousselot · added 10 months ago
Hey Team, 

I just wanted to let you know I uploaded a spoken word video to the inkshares page, if you want to hear my voice and see my face. It was done in the classical style of the Anime Music Video (first time for everything). The poem is an homage to, and perhaps a reading into the prophesy of, the film and manga Akira. 

The full text poem is linked in the video description. 

I hope you enjoy it, and if you can share the video you will get bonus karma points which you can cash in later in life.

Thanks for watching/reading/being the amazing art patrons that you are.

Yann Rousselot · added 10 months ago
Thank you to my five first backers! And to visitors, welcome, if you have any questions, complaints, suggestions or invitations to secret warehouse parties, let me know.