P.A. Gunter

Earnestly defying systemics.
P.A. is the author of
A reclusive society of powerful men and women, find themselves being hunted, one by one. What happens when Absolute Power, fails?
A man, tortured by repetitive tragedy finds monsters and horrors  during his search for a meaning to it all.
Enslaved A.I work for the Wealthy Elite, while the Remains of humanity try to remember what survival is. Somewhere, consciousness seethes
The Shatter cut the world. Split it in two. The survivors are broken, desperate or hopeful. What is left to do?
Population Control + Advanced Tech = A.I Birth and Adoption. Body Donor’s provide ’Integration’ and the system struggles to provide.
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Because there isn't enough Western fiction in the world. Because there isn't enough about Witchery from a vastly different perspective. Because the world loves a Revenge story, especially from a female perspective. Get it in ya!
Pregnant witch exacts revenge on the cowards who shot her man: a Western.
Lost for thought, exploration or discovery, what I have read so far of Not Afraid of the Fall, seems to tell in parts and pieces, all the elements that make up life for us millennial so these days. Or, more accurately, all that life should and could be.
Culled from on-the-go daily journal entries across 15 countries and 38 cities comes an exhilarating travel-inspired story, tracing one couple’s quest for true adventure above all else.
Sounds really intriguing. I am looking forward to digging in.
Dr. Nerana Jackson awakens to find herself stranded on a ghost ship, drifting in orbit near an alien star. Now, she must piece together what happened to the crew and why before time runs out - or she may join them.
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