Student. Developer. Gamer. Head of Arklight Creations. Working on multiple projects.
Nyrix is the author of
Follow Kole Kates, an avid gamer who was suddenly thrown into the vast and beautiful video game world of Venoria, as he levels up and learns new skills, to use them to end the war between two groups, the Tech Warlords and the Glory Hunters.
This is a story about a promise made between two friends, who were separated when they were children. 10 years later, they meet again on Broadway Street in New York. Will they reconnect, or will they fail to do so?
Spherica is facing "Deletion", a type of disaster that usually results in complete destruction of the world. The people had already resigned to fate. But there was still hope. There is a counter protocol. And it’s up to the Airisu siblings to activate it.
Through hope, we defy fate. Looking for ways to change destiny. No matter the cost. Being a survivor of a raid of his home village, Nyrasimus Krimson, and his aide, Yunama Araki sets off on a journey to kill the Archon, a remnant of an old world.
One day, a boy picked up a mysterious object, it was a dreamcatcher, that lets him explore other people’s dreams.
Books Nyrix Recommends
So far, So good, I can read this book because it's in my interests, I like the prologue, and I hope the story will be epic.
When an outcast teen fights back against his tormentors by unwittingly casting a forbidden hex that releases his worst nightmare, he must journey to the Kingdom of Dreams and complete an epic quest to restore balance.
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