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Nicolina Torres

Author. Ravenclaw. Smells like old books. Barnes & Noble manager for 15 years.
Nicolina is the author of
One spring evening all of the residents in the rural town of Calliope, Nebraska are murdered. There are no witnesses and there were no calls for help. LAUNCH PAD COMPETITION TOP 10 FINALIST.
Two teenagers stranded on a boat wash up on an island of women years after America is destroyed. Their presence starts off a chain of events that threaten this new utopia. LAUNCH PAD COMPETITION HONORABLE MENTION.
A young babysitter is kidnapped in a small Alaska town. Evelyn Hartley is sent to investigate only to find out that the citizens believe the girl was taken by a creature who has been killing women for over 100 years. SEQUEL TO THIS RED FIRE.
Booksellers and librarians start evolving superpowers based on their favorite novels after a tech company releases an invention that will make books obsolete.
For Iggie Barrera, romance, baseball, and embarrassing moments are par for the course during a summer vacation at the lake with his obnoxious family and new stepmom.
Early one morning, an Amish teenager is found screaming in a Nebraska field, covered in blood, with no memory of the previous evening. One county over, an Amish family is discovered murdered in their barn. PREQUEL TO THIS RED FIRE.
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This looks like the sort of murder mystery I'm in the mood for!
A territorial psychiatrist must find the murderer hunting his patients before the police pin the crimes on him.
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