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Michael James Welch

Author of The Vampire and the Dragon & 2 planned sequels. Father, Husband, NY’er. Yearns to live in a world where pizza can come to any man, woman or child unbidden, unrestrained by labels or preconceived notions; free. Snowflake. Cat Lover
Michael is the author of
Government agents coerce a snarky but craven vampire into confronting a dragon in the arctic wilds of Canada.  Part of a planned series.
A collection of short stories (possibly by multiple authors) that explore what has value in a world changed by cataclysm. Both Supernatural and Hard Science themes will be explored, sometimes in the same story.  Still very much under development.
The continuing adventures of Stephen Duncan, the vampire hero of The Vampire and the Dragon, now employed by PrOOF: Agency for the Preservation Of Occult Figures. Welcome to the bureaucracy, Stephen!
PrOOF Vol. 3. Vampire Stephen Duncan, PrOOF agent, goes up against a renegade Djinn who can manipulate time. Will Stephen remain a vampire or change his past? Will he even survive? And will this affect his salary at all?
A divorced father struggles to meet his financial burdens & turns to a life of cat-burglary in quiet Boise, ID, to make ends meet. He soon finds himself way over his head and struggles to regain control of his life for his daughter’s sake.
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Shows great promise - let me wanting to read more.
Very stoked for this to be published - I've wanted to write a Colony Ship book for years now - this will be my fix instead!
The crew of the Tereshkova were ready to join a newly established colony near Earth’s solar system. Instead, they are forced to survive in a distant galaxy as they search for a new home among the stars.
Breakneck action and snappy dialogue - everything a growing body needs.
A teen with the ability to control a swarm of shape-shifting nanotechnology must use his power to turn the tables on the warring factions that want to destroy him.
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