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Michael James Welch

Author of PrOOF (Preservation of Occult Figures), coming: 2019 via Inkshares. Father, Husband, NY’er. Yearns to live in a world where pizza can come to any man, woman or child unbidden, unrestrained by labels or preconceived notions; free.
Michael is the author of
A vampire steps into a much larger world upon joining PrOOF - the agency for the Preservation Of Occult Figures. His first mission might end up being his last, and if a dragon and a wendigo don’t do him in, his co-workers just might!
A collection of short stories/novellas that explore what has value in a world changed by cataclysm. Both Horror/Supernatural and Hard Sci-Fi themes will be explored, sometimes in the same story.
Books Michael Recommends
Give this one a read, folks. An original premise held aloft by solid writing - The House That Fell From the Sky will likely be landing on bookshelves in the future.
When a mysterious mansion appears overnight in the heart of an impoverished city, three friends must face their fears when one of their own risks her life to find out if the house is for real, or merely an illusion.
I love the premise!
Jack is given the chance to travel beyond the grave to say goodbye to his murdered wife. There is a price to pay. His wife’s dead killer will take over his body to gain redemption. But Jack is white and the killer is black. Then Jack wants to return.
Had me at 'Bastard' and cemented things with 'Drunk.'
Two travellers. One haunted town. A secluded pub. A bastard drunk. Hanson Hutchison’s tales of Kramusville have captured the hearts of travellers for many years. His repertoire is extensive, and tonight’s guests are particularly sceptical.
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