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Michael James Welch

Author of The Vampire and the Dragon & 2 planned sequels. Father, Husband, NY’er. Yearns to live in a world where pizza can come to any man, woman or child unbidden, unrestrained by labels or preconceived notions; free. Snowflake. Cat Lover
Michael is the author of
Government agents coerce a snarky but craven vampire into confronting a dragon in the arctic wilds of Canada.  Part of a planned series.
A collection of short stories (possibly by multiple authors) that explore what has value in a world changed by cataclysm. Both Supernatural and Hard Science themes will be explored, sometimes in the same story.  Still very much under development.
Stephen Duncan, the vampire hero of The Vampire and the Dragon, is now employed by PrOOF agency: Preservation Of Occult Figures. Welcome to the bureaucracy, Stephen. Once you find the North Woods killer, you’ll long for the safety of your cubicle!
PrOOF Vol. 3. Vampire Stephen Duncan, PrOOF agent, goes up against a renegade Djinn who can manipulate time. Will Stephen remain a vampire or change his past? Will he even survive? And will this affect his salary at all?
A divorced father struggles to meet his financial burdens & turns to a life of cat-burglary in quiet Boise, ID, to make ends meet. He soon finds himself way over his head and struggles to regain control of his life for his daughter’s sake.
Books Michael Recommends
Astonishingly self-assured writing. A better Blade Runner than the recent sequel, in my opinion. This is fantastic sci-fi noir reading.
A private fixer battles corporate operatives and his own anxieties as he tracks down a missing orphan who may hold the key to immortality.
Whoa. Lyrical and oblique, Wulf draws you into its fever dream world before you realize it. Flood is a wordsmith to be reckoned with.
A rare blood disorder renders this young Anabaptist the perfect prey for the Hundings: the beautiful, cynical monsters that prey on humans.
At long last, Chris Butera has given voice to my long-held ideology; everyone is an asshole. Yes, you too. In fact, particularly you. Will buy the shit out of this book once it funds.
Assholes Unanimous is a humorous social science-based self help book that analyzes the behavioral patterns that bring out the worst in people, classifies them, and tells you what you can do about them.
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