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Melissa Sue Matos

An avid reader, medieval hobbyist, and crafty person.
Melissa is the author of
Heroes, bearing powerful gifts created from the most noble virtues, work together to overcome a threat against their queen.
Books Melissa Recommends
I like the attitude in this story!
In the palaces of Brilliance, the fear of death is a distant memory. When a young heir discovers the rotten truths behind her ideal nation, she must choose between justice and order.
Beautiful writing and a great premise. Keep an eye on this one.
Born on opposite sides of the world, two young men drift inevitably toward their destinies. But when their journeys cross on an island of ghosts in the center of the world can these two from opposed lands combine goals or will old hates consume them?
Delightful historical atmosphere, and already itching after chapter one to delve into the mystery.
When the newest member of Eric Peterkin’s London club is found stabbed to death, Eric throws himself into a quest for the truth: missing nurses, morphine addiction, shell shock. The Great War is over, but the memories remain...
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